I Live Like Tom Cruise For Two Weeks

We have another “Live Like A Celebrity” video! This time Godfrey will attempt to live like Tom Cruise! Will this be an impossible mission?


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20 Replies to “I Live Like Tom Cruise For Two Weeks”

  1. Not getting to eat what I wanted tortured me more than any of the workouts 🙃
    Why do I put myself through this? 😩

  2. It's actually madness how you were able to stick to that diet. Big props!!

  3. angelmushahf says:

    That oreo cake looked amazing 😂

  4. ShortRound says:

    My takeout from this video is that I’m glad I’m not Tom Tom Cruise! 😅

  5. Lenninho says:

    I would love to see a Jewish men/women try other Jewish men/women’s Haroset

  6. Julesong says:

    I loved Tom Cruise when I was a kid, but I grew up and so did he. Now he is a Scientologist so no, I won’t watch his movies.

  7. Melz says:

    I dunno, doesn't seem worth it to me, then again, I'm not a gym person or wanna be buff person so I guess to each their own.

  8. Linda Righi says:

    How to find koracu forest in breath of the wild

  9. Linda Righi says:

    How to get to Kirk Firestone breath of thewild

  10. hellosepi says:

    honestly i could never do this godfrey so huge props to you! trust me i would see godfrey in the office and he never gave into snacks! 🥹

  11. the discipline is crazyyy 🔥

  12. Fikayo says:

    really enjoyed! and the basketball session with @LondonRagasa was so unexpected but great!

  13. Godfrey is the nicest guy on the internet!!

  14. Lookin' fit, and toned baybee!!! 🔥

  15. s h e r r y says:

    Why tf is Tom cruise eating only 1200 cals. This is complete bs. If he really ate 1200cals a day, he’d be a toothpick.

  16. Naisha says:

    A sedentary teenage girl should be eating more than 1200cal a day. Let alone while working out

  17. Meidas Jazzy says:

    What is Aaron’s @ tho

  18. You missed out the scientology stuff.

  19. Meidas Jazzy says:


  20. Next do your own stunts for two weeks 😈

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