I Played In The First Mickelson Invitational | Competing For $50,000

welcome back, this was an extremely fun event and I’m super thankful that I got to play in it. Huge shout out to Mickelson invitational for putting on an incredible event. Hope y’all enjoy. Thank you so much for the support.

Thanks https://instagram.com/happynotsaad?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== for filming this week

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21 Replies to “I Played In The First Mickelson Invitational | Competing For $50,000”

  1. Jmurphyy says:

    Id this man played in the UK he’d be at least a 10 handicapper

  2. Yanner Golf says:

    hope you beat Mac a least!!

  3. PGAloom says:

    Micah, cool stuff…Bobby Bradley being starter on the tee??? even cooler

  4. Zane Toth says:

    Lol wasnt expecting to see Bobby Bradley in a Micah video

  5. Donovan Dunn says:

    Jogger lengths getting shorter and shorter.

  6. Will Haggett says:

    Grant might win some of these Micah is trash. Every video I watch of his he shoots like 4 over it’s embarrassing

  7. VOLS34 says:

    Maybe the problem is the primo’s with their tuck friendly design.

  8. Dustin Koca says:

    Big time wannabe pro. Bout 4 good good guys now who are better players then him. Fat Perez is a better player.

  9. Micah, there's lots of things to like about this video. In no particular order, you focused more on the game and less on the camera. Your putting impressed me, your speed and green reading. I do think you were fatigued and not as focused on the third day. Your drives, approach shots and even chip shots were excellent. Most important of all is you had an excellent attitude the whole time that we saw.

  10. Jay Stek says:

    Welcome to Canada where the golf courses arnt the "flat tracks" and easy greens your used to…

    If you can't shoot close to par or 1-2 over max on your worst daysss gotta get back to the drawing board,

    End of the day alot of talent out there

  11. Adam Dye says:

    A very talented golfer indeed!

  12. Steve McVay says:

    Sooo, who won??? Couldn’t give them a shout out?

  13. So many haters in here that have never even touched 70s golf

  14. Jerry Ober says:

    Got to play here a bunch by volunteering in the first year open! So good

  15. Thanks for finally telling us how where you finished. Those who follow you like to keep track of your progress.

  16. You need to hang around Wesley more, and have more fun on the course. If you want this bad enough, you need to out work everybody else.

  17. Watsy 22 says:

    No way you were in Calgary!

  18. Will Perron says:

    I just réalisez im In this with my uniform and my manager gave me turf crime

  19. Marc Avila says:

    Not even close to making it pro

  20. L Gill says:

    Jacob is the goat, get him on the bag permanently

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