Keep the Club in Front of You

Keeping the club in front of you on the downswing can lead to some bad habits in your golf swing. Discover two swing thoughts that will help promote proper technique and will help you generate more lag to blast the ball.

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Keep the Club in Front of You

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How to Easily Clear Your Hips In the Downswing

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This Move Will Add Yards to Your Drives

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Keep the Club in Front of You


28 Replies to “Keep the Club in Front of You”

  1. James Pitts says:

    I’m self taught so this might sound weird. This fixed my early extension. You can stay in posture with an overly flat swing but God it feels uncomfortable. Anybody who disagrees with this video has prob had slight success keeping trail bicep attatched to the body on the backswing excessively. With all clubs. You lose a lot power doing that and run into a lot of problems on the downswing if you have any power behind it. But like you said, if you’re coming over the top this would be a catastrophic feeling if not done correctly in transition.

  2. Brian Wright says:

    Is this only for golfers who have an over the top issue? If someone is coming too far from the inside (like myself), wouldn't pinning the lead arm across the chest make the club path come more from the inside?

  3. Phil Twomey says:

    It's taken me 7 yrs to get this I was so frustrated til I watched this thanks thanks so much

  4. Brad Grantz says:

    Your suggestion to keep the left bicep against the left pec was very helpful. Helped to keep for a good swing arc.

  5. Thanks for the info I was watching some old Tiger Woods Butch Harmon videos on YouTube from the Golf Channel and they were talking about arm positions in the takeaway and getting the club and arms back in front of you coming down it seems hard to do not to say it doesn't work it clearly worked for Tiger, what you said seems to be easier,,,,,,

  6. Chon Jung says:

    This really helps with tees up shots.. how can I combine this with the idea of getting compression in iron shots?! Please help.

  7. 3 in ACheYe says:

    I always appreciate your excellent lessons! Im following ur ch

  8. Lyndon James says:

    I’m thinks about being a member of the rotary swing or the top speed system to help get my game where I would like it to be. Similar swings but kinda different philosophies. What’s the advantages with top speed system over rotary swing? I believe I saw you in one of their videos as well.

  9. I have hit nice shots with the pressure you've described in the left shoulder. It happened when I was trying to keep left arm straight. When I noticed the difference it was great. There are so many nuances to a great shot and so little time. Thanks for pointing this out.

  10. matt smith says:

    i feel if I stand tall at address it gives me room to swing the club in front of me, is that ok?

  11. Nerdy Jake. says:

    I will have to see a video on ways to part

  12. rick lamb says:

    I think a lot of confusion for me came from not working out that my key is to keep the Handle, the grip, in front of my trunk and torso. Shallowing the shaft in transition, with the handle not lagging or getting stuck behind gives me a good key. I think "the club" will always confuse me – what I can do with the handle and the shaft, including shaft axial rotation, gets me playing pretty good golf

  13. It's STILL winter here in Minnesota. I've done everything I can do setup a basic platform for putting, chipping, and swinging as much as possible, but nothing compares to that outdoor feeling. Any suggestions?

  14. Jpgundarun says:

    Yes keep the club in front of you, even in the back swing.

  15. Tom Carter says:

    Hi Clay, I notice that in some videos you really squat on the downswing, and on others you stay fairly level. Is there some rule of thumb for this? More squat with irons than with woods? In this video you would do the squat on you slow practice swings where you pause, but not so much when you were actually hitting the ball.

  16. Mark Wills says:

    Captions are great

  17. Very well explained as usual…thanks!

  18. I've been trying to fix my flat swing by using less body turn and more arm movement, or in your word Infront of your body. But I've been struggling with the downswing part, because it led me to swing from over the top. But this video seriously click me, especially that part about the chest and the armpit pressure as the "feel". You couldn't explain it any better.

  19. George Sealy says:

    Great video as always. Using your video I do a drill which is hitting balls using just the last part of the swing (from when the left arm is parallel to the ground and the club is lagged, your position at 2:30 in the video). I hit 10-20 balls that way and it serves to build muscle memory of that position. And it forces me to turn through the ball to get any distance at all. Then I go to my full swing making sure I get to that same place. My ball striking has improved dramatically. And yes, I have found staying left arm connected is huge to hitting the ball solid.

  20. Great video! So I know driver is different than the irons but would these concepts cross to the irons as well?

  21. Peter Iles says:

    Very good video for getting the club in position in set up 🏌️‍♂️

  22. Morgan Brix says:

    So glad to see this. I was having a problem with a flying elbow so I decided to take a lesson. The instructor told me to do exactly what this video is addressing. I told the instructor that I felt like I was coming over the top and cutting across. He said that's okay, now I never have to worry about going left and only have half the course to worry about. Wont going back to that dude. Thanks for savin me some cash clay

  23. Awesome drill clay thank u

  24. Weldon says:

    That’s a major problem with golf lingo…cover the ball, hit down on the ball, release the club, club in front of your body…none of it means what the phrases actually say lol

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