I take on the course… that NOBODY HAS EVER PLAYED!!!

I take on a golf course that nobody has ever played before! It’s an absolute honour to be invited to the much-talked-about Dunas Course at Comporta and become the first person to play 18 holes at this stunning venue. NOTE: Just seen a couple of graphics saying “Terras DE Comporta” when of course I mean “Terras DA Comporta” – just little something I noticed that was bugging me 😅

A huge thank you to Terras da Comporta for hosting us! For more info, make sure to check out: www.comporta.com

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26 Replies to “I take on the course… that NOBODY HAS EVER PLAYED!!!”

  1. NoJoke says:

    As a yankee viewer, I always get super pumped for your videos Pete! After studying in Uk for a year I really enjoy watching your videos across the pond . Not sure if it’s doable but would love to see Pete take on the USA series!

  2. Loblo says:

    A pristine course, so rare these days. The only seed on those fairways has been sprinkled around by the ground-staff.

  3. Absolutely stunning course and some fantastic ball striking with that driver Pete, just a bit of a shame the putter was a bit cold early doors

  4. Chad Heesch says:

    Not gonna lie, I miss unbridled enthusiasm. I know you produce high quality content. I know you're entertaining. I know you're a good golfer. But I am here for unbridled enthusiasm

  5. Paul turner says:

    Great round Pete! Awesome golf course ⛳️⛳️👏

  6. ShOrT RoUnD says:

    Justice for Malcolm

  7. That was an immense round of golf Finchy 👊

  8. Luv the course vlogs

  9. Paul Hunt says:

    Your best driving game I’ve ever seen.

  10. SunRider says:

    This is how Donald Trump sets course records and wins the course championship.

  11. Thomas Stark says:

    Your true emotions shine when you are on the course alone. How many times have you laid down on a green wishing for another roll of a silly golf ball!? Magical!

  12. hi pete, i would love you 2 play 2 of the best municipal greens in scotland, darley and lochgreen which are right at troon railway station, great test even for someone of your calibre.

  13. Earl Blevins says:

    It occurs to me that this exploration might make you the Ferdinand Magellan of golf. It really is a beauty of a course.

  14. AJ Bischoff says:

    Absolutely amazing job Peter. Tremendous round on a challenging while gorgeous course. Well done Mate

  15. Taylor Hill says:

    Quality LOTR Terrence 😂😂

  16. That’s impressive golf. Beautiful course and I don’t think it’s as easy as you’ve made it look.

  17. Malcolm, what a jerk!

  18. 27:29 Pete morphs in one of Harry Enfield’s scousers. Ah riiight! Calm down!

  19. Nozdub says:

    What a course! Hope you go back in a few years to check it out when it's all finished.

  20. @29:55 L ..M… F… A…O

  21. This is definitely one of my favourite videos you've ever produced. Fast paced, great energy, quality golf. Thanks Pete and team!

  22. Kenneth Lee says:

    Hole 15. "Looks like birdie's back up on the menu, boys!"….what a hoot! Well played Pete, nice round!

  23. Pinehurst CC was my home club for many years and this definitely reminds me of a couple of the courses there. Gorgeous.

  24. Alexi Cox says:

    Does anyone else think the back nine is just more… bedded in… that the front?

  25. Josiah Webb says:

    38:18 nice Lord of the Greens reference Petey😉

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