How Patreon Became a P*rn Empire

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25 Replies to “How Patreon Became a P*rn Empire”

  1. Gattsu laughing: HYEH HYEH HYEH HYEH HYEH

  2. the rizzler says:

    arrow heads arrow heads arrow heads arrow heads arrow heads arrow heads

  3. Molerat22ツ says:

    imagine waking up just to animate femboys for 900k a year T_T

  4. AproX says:

    If Erdoğan wins this Sundays election im gonna draw furry porn in patrion

  5. EgeKhan says:

    Thank you for the earthquake relife fund.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I stopped watching gatsu after his dumbass Crystal castles opinion. Complete bozo 🎉

  7. ___ says:

    Pyro a demon for that

  8. I never knew the about the pyre incident lmaooo

  9. 2:10 cap , lmao 8:10 was 100% accurate.

  10. I should learn to draw and animate 😈

  11. Juiceboi PRO says:

    man is changing the thumbnail and name everyday

  12. You can get a really good corvette for 20k.

  13. Bonemarrow says:

    All this but patreon still attacked my boy, Incognitomous. No more Teen titan comics and bawdy falls ;(

  14. No wonder AI is a threat to them artists, that's zeros off their bank accounts

  15. Asco says:

    shoutout to shädbase lol

  16. Even a Certain Georgian Animator does this shit…

  17. Vaishnav says:

    in some countries you get paid 20% of the funds recovered for snitching on tax evaders. new side hustle just dropped.

  18. boggy b says:

    midjourney and stable diffusion are definitely going to encroach on this “industry” lol AI taking everyone’s jobs no one is safe

  19. Gattsu you have made me and my friends laugh so many times
    I bought the white vintage shirt (L) and I will wear the shirt every day with honour.

    Greetings, The Hague-Netherlands. See you soon in Georgia

  20. Anyone that doesn't show how much money is already "Pledge" there an issue already

  21. SkyleAndria says:

    I thought the thumbnail was the Apsua flag for a second 😂

  22. Seth Gaston says:

    Kinda bold of Gattsu to make a video showcasing somebody’s Patreon who actually makes content worth paying for.

  23. The outro got me 💀

  24. SquidBeyond says:

    Bro how tf can you spend actual money on porn

  25. AJ Buddha says:

    It’s true patrons drink Patron, not vodka 👍🏽

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