if you see water, aim for water #roadtoscratch #golf

33 Replies to “if you see water, aim for water #roadtoscratch #golf”

  1. You better add up your putts and score again because I counted a score of 8?

  2. Kerry Hogue says:

    Always look to 2 put nmw

  3. Ryan - says:

    if you 3 putt it to 1 foot the fuckin putt counts

  4. Ryan Carter says:

    Looks like a family reunion 😂

  5. Ian Jackson says:

    Bounce off of it 😂

  6. james carter says:

    who is the lowest handicap here

  7. TRC says:

    Do you go to a course in nc or somewhere else

  8. Kevin Davis says:

    Can I please please play golf with you please I don’t want it for any money I just want to play golf with you

  9. Chandler when are you buying a ostrich

  10. Keester says:

    Just like Bob Does Sports

  11. Sutton Smith says:

    Chandler is a kid in a man’s body

  12. Ab 412 says:

    Take your time and take a knee to evaluate the greens, line your driver up where the slope is if you see one, than put it at a proper pace. Or if it’s str8 than just go right at it with a good pace. But you gotta know to read the greens when you’re playin

  13. Golfing1000 says:

    Chandler you need to come and do some practice with me I think we both need it 😂

  14. Cooper Wier says:

    famliy reunion had me dead

  15. Aaron judge says:

    Why do you aim for that water

  16. Video #15 of commenting on every video until I get to play golf with u

  17. “That was a three putt” 😂

  18. Bogey_Golf says:

    So I work at a golf course and today on one of our greens there was about forty geese give or take it was insane the green after it was full of crap and we still had to rake the bunkers there you can imagine how that went with all of the green smeary stuff which is not supposed to be therefore

  19. Cash Bradley says:

    When you gonna make golf vlog

  20. Jacob Colton says:

    @GoodGood you need to colab with this man

  21. Jacob Colton says:

    @goodgood you need to colab

  22. Slurpy Boys says:

    What’s your handicap?

  23. thundry says:

    Damn that was a nice driver shot

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