I’m not sure about my new Scotty Cameron Putter! I need to decide what putter to use! #scottycameron

In today’s video were taking my putter collection out onto the golf course! I’ll be testing and talking about why I bought each of my putter whilst playing Huddersfield Golf Club off the RED TEE’S!

Let’s see what I can shoot off the RED TEE’S whilst picking the best putter from my collection of Titleist Scotty Cameron’s and Seemore Putters!

Come check out what’s in the bag! #scottycameron #putters #golfvlogs

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40 Replies to “I’m not sure about my new Scotty Cameron Putter! I need to decide what putter to use! #scottycameron”

  1. Gary Davis says:

    My problem with putters is that they are built too flat (68*) and they’re difficult (and shops are reluctant) to bend them more upright (like 75*). I want my eyes over the ball.

  2. Mark Blance says:

    Gary, your SeeMore is a centre shaft putter, the two Scotties are not. Do you think the centre shaft makes a difference? I have a centre shaft Evenroll and love it.

  3. Mark Blance says:

    Come on Gary say it…………. forward tees…..! 🤪

  4. salsabil says:

    "If i don't birdie this then i should be wearing a skirt"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Gary I love the look of the Scotty putter. I’d love to have 1 just like it.

  6. Trying three putters and lighter shaft to try and up the swing speed.

    Youre going all out for our next game arent you 😂

  7. I ordered a new putter but then started putting the best I have in years with the old one. Once your clubs see a new one on order they start to pick up their game. Also going to sell my Wilson launch pad 2s. Just can’t get on with them. Any suggestions for 16 index?

  8. Eric j says:

    I found a bargain Scotty Camron Futura 5CB on Facebook market place for £120. I've been using it for about 3 months now. It was too light for me to begin with as most of my putts were stopping short. I've swapped the two 15g weights to two 30g weights & the extra weight as transformed my putting.

  9. Frank Odozi says:

    For the TE13 have you tried GolfClubs4Cash Gary if you wanted one?

  10. Rusty Putter says:

    Send an old manganese Anser out to have the face milled,you don't sound like a Scotty guy.

  11. Paul says:

    Buy an alignment decal to put on back of the Detour Conversion putter to help with alignment. I put on my 2 ball putter to turn it into triple track alignment and it works great.

  12. Jerry Smiley says:

    Good choice on the putter Gaz.

  13. Recently started gaming the squareback super select and I'm second guessing my purchase too,,it rolls great and consistent (taylormade hydroblast blade former putter) bought the scotty at a pga super store and have a 90 day turn in time with it towards another club,, just not sure yet

  14. Brian Foster says:

    Gaz, it’s not the engine it’s the driver!
    Once you get yourself happy with a putter, why change it? For changes sake, that’s why. I’ve only ever been able to use one putter properly, I keep trying others but they just don’t suit and I keep going back to it. It’s an old Rossa Monza, but it works for me and I doubt I’m ever going to change it now, except the grip.

  15. Aries Claw says:

    Difficult one – have to have a putter you feel confident with and enjoy playing. I’ve finally settled on a cobra – was a gift, love it

  16. Gary, a few videos ago, you said you were not going to play any club you hadn’t been fitted for, what happened?

  17. 3 great putters mate, do love playing videos

  18. Dave Delacy says:

    I bought the Titelist Go Lo putter and love using it, stick with it, it's the operator.

  19. Matt Reed says:

    I'll buy the seemore of you mate?

  20. Roy Close says:

    Would nt a scotty cameron del mar putter suit you gaz or a ping answer 😉

  21. What’s your plans with the other putters?

  22. That is where my dad chipped in today

  23. looking forward to Dan getting on the channel!

  24. Lexx White says:

    Just keep it Gaz……you can never really have too many putters can you?

  25. hudsonrilke says:

    How’s big Sam doing?

  26. hudsonrilke says:

    When you got the seemore I was looking for a good second hand bargain but didn’t find one. I personally think there’s a lot of BS about putter technology. It’s a lot about confidence. I really like the look of the new one you have.

  27. Ivan Camphor says:

    Love your honesty and straightforward thinking 👍

  28. Personally I feel that’s the most daggy shape of all the Scotty’s you could’ve chosen !

  29. Could send pic should be online

  30. Love me Odessey Stroke Lab V – Line. Face balanced heavy great alignment with contrasting top line helps square. Then white against black alignment aide. Give it try!

  31. When ya coming up to tanks for a game pal give me a shout when ya ready

  32. Duffer Dave says:

    I am loving my Ping PLD Anser 2 putter. . Take a look at your hat Gaz, it will lead you to your putter :).

  33. john freeman says:

    When you can afford the TeI 3 Scotty, let me know Gary…I will do you a deal 👍

  34. loohall says:

    Bettinardi all the way!

  35. Ed Anzore says:

    Do not look at brand nor price. Find the putter that works for you. Remember a green you are putting on is an imperfect surface

  36. Graeme Smith says:

    Any putter can put a ball in the hole! But you need confidence in said putter!

  37. Ed Anzore says:

    No they are not worth it. They are more a item of jewelry.

  38. I've been gaming a Newport Studio Style with GSS insert for over 25 years. Only change was a slightly thicker GP grip last year.
    Any time i think about changing to say spyder, the Scotty reminds me how good she is

  39. I don't have enough data on other putters, but I went to Scotty from Cleveland Front line, and I have not looked back.

  40. Paul McGee says:

    There’re the best if you think they are, simples

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