Trouble on the golf course & Dianne picks our new furniture

►Shocker on the golf course & Dianne gets new furniture for the house.
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45 Replies to “Trouble on the golf course & Dianne picks our new furniture”

  1. I love keeping up with you through these vlogs. Enjoying them so much lately ❤

  2. that green chair my whole house had them in white they are an ikea chair

  3. Bowls is the most awesome sport and the most social as well!! Play more!

  4. Vicky says:

    Hey Joe I think u and ur gf r so cute together

  5. Think she is pregnant .

  6. Keena Hockey says:

    I've just watched yours and Diannes journey on strictly again
    You both were amazing ❤❤

  7. Just had to turn the volume down when you said "walk" and "treat" because my dog was asleep right next to me 😂

  8. Try Annie Sloan chalk paint it’s amazing and you don’t have to prep very much but loving your work!

  9. Lovely how excited dianne is❤
    Lol you two couldn't be more different, but you work together ❤❤

  10. Trina Jones says:

    The pop corn maker was hilarious, I was in stitches 😂

  11. Trina Jones says:

    We’re near the M6 also bad 😢

  12. Just started watching your videos great. Keep up good work. 😊

  13. Love you and Dianes videos. New furnishings look good together Di. Home coming along nicely. Take care and safe🎉😂❤🏡👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  14. Miss T N says:

    I think its an "AIR" poper lol and I have one, they are strictly no oil and she used popcorn with oil in it which might have been why it smoked lol. Those are meant to air pop and avoid fat .

  15. Have they bought Zoe and Alfies home?

  16. Lovely seeing playing Golf with your Friends its alway a lot of laughter & Fun together .
    Maybe you should get them to make a Bowls team. Take the local team on i am sure that be
    Fantastic entertaining fun😜. what An honor to have you & Dianne present an award ,trophy 🫶
    Wauw your new home coming together nicely love the way Dianne did the Decor on the ladder❤
    Rugs look amazing with that sofa really cosy vide 💕.
    Great video Joe thank you for sharing 🥰 have a Good week 🥰

  17. Did Casper miss the memo about the red hat? 😅

  18. I love that you are promoting bowls teams. Everyone thinks it’s for the older folk but it is so not. I am still to try lawn bowls but I play indoor carpet bowls ever winter and it is so much fun and the people are brilliant ❤️

  19. I saw very similar to them them light shades at IKEA Joe. In fact ikea as a whole is perfect inspiration for when you are styling or restyling a home. Plus get to eat the delicious meatballs…. And sure we’d all love watching the vlog you walking round- do it!

  20. is joe and dot having baby?

  21. so so happy about these more regular vlogs ! Seeing you two in the new place, so happy together, just lovely! Thanks Joe 😀

  22. K Grace says:

    Haha I had that desk chair as a teenager in pink it’s ikea!

  23. You and Dianne are the most down to earth, genuinely funny and lovely people I’ve watched on YouTube, which is rare these days! pleasure to watch 🥰

  24. Jess says:

    i just finished watching max's new video, wasn't expecting to see him here 😂

  25. Jill Mayes says:

    There’s a lot of skill and tactics involved in bowls … not just for oldies!

  26. Gaynor says:

    Great vlog 👍

  27. Lynda Carter says:

    Ahh my mum and dad play bowls. It's harder to play than you think. Xxxx

  28. Greg Drake says:

    Great seeing Jack in a vlog again

  29. Love this, love it when you all get together xxxx

  30. J says:

    you're so handsome

  31. Yes please oh please have The Buttercream gang together again Golf parts are Noice and funny and the silent and the fart out of nowhere is hilarious and I have rug issues too like Wrinkly and won't stay nice and flat and love different styles and different vibes than your apartment and Cute animals around the golf area so adorable God's creation Also i Knew Ottie looks more like you guys in the family I know she is also like Alfie too but have Zoey's energy too Positive and happy and embracing it to the world 💯❤️🙏🏻

  32. KAT says:

    Hi joe & Dianne
    Good golf !
    Loving your rugs and the door mirror and the chair good buys Dianne x
    I want a popcorn machine 🤩
    Yum pub food looked so delicious x ty for sharing love u guys x

  33. ♡ASHLEE♡ says:

    Omg my dream is coming true buttercream gang coming back together this makes me wanna cry I’m so excited 🥹😅

  34. Jacky Pronk says:

    How many Sth African friends do you have?

  35. Molly Nice says:

    Dianne and her popcorn machine😂😂😭

  36. Joe, you need some proper red wine glasses 🤣

  37. Love your videos Joe! And yes you made my dog look at the telly when you said treat🤣🤣

  38. Love the rugs, love the charity shop finds, The little mermaid movie was really enjoyable, i watched it last week x

  39. Kam says:

    I just love the way Dianne dresses! Her colour palettes are so vibrant. She's like a human lite brite 🌈❤

  40. Carol B says:

    Wow fart central in that house, been hanging around Mr Buckley too much😂

  41. Wonder Woman says:

    Diane’s earring faux pas 😂 it just had to be Diane. Loving these vlogs from both channels

  42. Please only use dry popcorn kernels rather then pkts of microwavable popcorn which already have butter/oil on as it will clogg up the machine

  43. I saw someone on the side of the road in Zambia 🇿🇲 Making those lamp shade.

  44. AbzeeB says:

    Bloody loving these vlogs! Thanks Joe xxx p.s my little dog now thinks it’s Walkies! Cheers 😂

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