PURE ZEN! Restored Titleist Tour Model Forged Iron. SO SATISFYING!

Immerse yourself in the ODDLY SATISFYING world of golf club restoration as this 1979 Titleist Forged Tour Model golf club undergoes a remarkable transformation. RELAX AND WATCH as we meticulously erase years of wear, unveiling a rejuvenated classic that honors its past while embracing a revitalized future.

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**Shout out to 6 year old “Ethan the Animal Trapper,” who sent me this club to restore! Thank you, Ethan. I hope you like the video!**

Do this at home!

*Brad Meehan’s Product Page:

*How to Polish Golf Clubs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVbTa7zZttmAfyGojNyPCiHzqkYkJTTR5

*How to Electroplate Golf Clubs:

*Restorations and Tutorials:


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33 Replies to “PURE ZEN! Restored Titleist Tour Model Forged Iron. SO SATISFYING!”

  1. This could be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  2. How does one send you clubs to restore. I am poor but id love to get mine done your work is phenomenal

  3. A See says:

    Do you ever Re-Shaft these club heads and play with them or is this just a keeper club head for your collection. Does the media blasting help the face become more playable if used again or just for looks more? Nice work very oddly satisfying and something I might want to do at my uncle's since he has some of these tools already, now just need to find the right clubs to do the work too

  4. jack lauder says:

    I have a full set of these exact clubs, planning on restoring them in the next couple weeks! Great video as always 👍

  5. My goodness. I have a Northwestern 1i that looks a lot like the before. Might be time to buy that electroless kit!

  6. Incredible transformation

  7. Danny Brant says:

    Do you get all the old chrome off with the scotch brite?

  8. Paul says:

    Outstanding. Thank you for sharing

  9. RedHed97 says:

    I wish I could have found this hobby 50 yrs ago…

  10. Greg Robbins says:

    Another great video/lesson. I appreciate the step-by-step breakdown. Thanks as always.

  11. Top job again 👌👍

  12. A71 says:

    Only 8 more to go!

  13. Dang that’s a neat iron, I’ve never seen Titleist with a capital E in the script

  14. Great timing. Between family, work, cars breaking down, and this damn economy I needed a good calming moment.

  15. Dennis says:

    Let’s see you hit it 😈

  16. Brian (BJ) K says:

    Do you feel a medium scotch Brite belt is better for taking out largish dings than like a 220 grit convoluted wheel.

  17. How long do you wait before taking the excess paint off? And what do you use when taking the paint off?

  18. Jon Keene says:

    That is what I call entertainment. Great job Brad!

  19. FINALLY! I have a set of Titleist 731PM and this is a great comparison as I’ve been wanted to diy polish them.

    Cheers mate.

  20. I have been eagerly waiting for this video. I started this hobby because of your videos and have been just wanting an in depth step by step

  21. Jeremy Yoder says:

    I'd appreciate it if you would try the Copy Chrome or the Kobalt to compare the Nickel. Thank you very much.

  22. Ima Potato says:

    Thats nice, always wanted a set of these…

  23. Ricardo Lang says:

    So pure, so clean.

  24. Boy Pierce says:

    Pure Zen is RIGHT!

  25. Trevor Adams says:

    Awesome work. Have you hit your clubs after restoration?

  26. ALAN GIBSON says:

    I restored a full set of these last year then sold then for £200. Great video as always Brad

  27. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Hey Brad, would you consider having a membership or subscription type of channel so our subscription would have access to have your advice etc?

  28. Robert Naue says:

    Always a pleasure watching your informative videos. Thanks

  29. robert jones says:

    how many times can you use the pot of electroplating? and can these irons be used in play or does the nickel come off right away?

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