Improve your accuracy using this way of training

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Get JR’s new E-book talking about the basics of the approach here

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20 Replies to “Improve your accuracy using this way of training”

  1. The old guys at the center where I grew up put beer cans out there. Empty, of course!😂

  2. Bowling XP ! says:

    So this is an old method, but worse 😛 😛 . The old method used pieces of tape bent at an angle. With these cones thingies, you will have to re-position them a million times, wasting valuable time. These props are only useful to show the method in a video as you did here. To actually do the practice, you need something that that not need re-positioning all the time.

  3. Kevin Bruner says:

    This would be good practice for me for sure. Problem being, like some have said. Getting permission to do it.
    Thanks Jr.

  4. Jani A says:

    We did this in the 90´s with toilet rolls. If you hit the roll – take off your shoes – walk out – put the roll back – put your shoes on again, little punishment. After taking off your shoes 8-10 times it´s no fun anymore – then you be trying/concentrate way harder.

  5. adam jozwiak says:

    Most centers will not let you go out on the lanes for liability issues. You’ll need to make friends with, gain trust to have them let you do that. My home center will only let me do it if the center is empty, don’t want kids thinking because I can go out there and not fall that they can just walk out on the lane and not get hurt.

  6. Nins R says:

    thank you for the subtitles! <3

  7. Come to New Jersey and bowl in one of Greg Tack's tournaments. Then you'll be aiming for that blade of grass.

  8. Used the area today,instead of board,shot 259 clean and 222 for 5th game. Now im getting somewhere with my new release i should have learned 45 years ago.

  9. Atochabsh says:

    I already employ this concept and it is a good one. One thing……most bowling centers will not let anyone put anything on their lanes. In order to do this you would have to have the center's permission. Then if they would allow it, you'd get one of the end lanes so that you did not walk down the end caps.

  10. I am definitely trying this without putting anything down on the lane every time i bowl. I am trying to get better i 100% usually know if im not even close to 2nd arrow lol.

    I am really trying to move left but my rotation angle is in dire need of fixing first.

    Should one strive to be able to hit 90 degrees. A buddy of mine seems to have sick axis rotation.

  11. I was taught this in 1982 by my grandfather

  12. 3 boards…. I would need someone sitting in the gutter to reset the cones after every throw because I would take em out every time

  13. OU812? TrUe says:

    With all due respect, the captioning was distracting. Other than that, good info for targeting.

  14. J.R. forgot to mention to ask the house before putting tape or cones on their lanes.

  15. Johnny Rock says:

    Does it make sense to put a couple more cones at breakpoint to practice launch angle?

  16. J2 3p says:

    would love to see some drills that u could do at home to help with hand position, more revs ect, thanks for the vid sir!!!

  17. Thanks, this helps me a lot.

  18. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling Jr Raymond

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