What can James Wiltshire and I shoot?…#golfvlogs #playinggolf

In todays video we have @JamesWiltshire golf on the channel! James is up north and he’s dropped into Huddersfield Golf Club for a match with myself @garymartingolf #golfvlogs #playinggolf

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Join us to find out what James is doing up north, and what we can shoot in my new playing vlog challenge!

Welcome to Gary Martin Golf, I am a PGA Professional based at Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire. I started my YouTube channel during lockdown whilst being Furloughed and unable to work.

My goal is to be the peoples golf YouTuber. All my help and advise unbiased with our subscribers best interest at heart. I want to share my knowledge and understanding of golf and golf products, to help other golfers avoid making all the mistakes I did in my 20 years playing and working within golf!

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Thank you for watching!

Gary Martin


19 Replies to “What can James Wiltshire and I shoot?…#golfvlogs #playinggolf”

  1. Prima Facie says:

    Subbed to your channel Gaz after seeing your great collaboration on JWG. Great work dude! Hope you hosted James for a couple of pints.

  2. Jim Lang says:

    Got the makings of a great series

  3. Great playing Gary. Ok next challenge is Martin & Wiltshire vs Robinson & Dennis. Great content!!!!!

  4. Brian Murray says:

    Great to see James on the channel been following him for a long time. Seems like a great guy. He's no where near as fast as he used to be. You should also so this with Simon from SAS golf another great guy

  5. Loved seeing James on the channel and I have watched his channel for a while now and boy he can hit the ball, looking forward to this series

  6. I follow James here on YouTube as well. Great player and all round nice guy. ⛳️👍🏼⛳️

  7. Ian McVicker says:

    Great vid… top blokes

  8. Adrian Scott says:

    Two of my favorite YouTubers. Didn’t realize I needed this collab. In my life and has made my Friday 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Lad Golf says:

    Got to be the hardest sequence of 3 holes at Fixby that hasn't it Gaz. That par 3 is so tough to get right, and if the wind is blowing even more so.

  10. Karl Apps says:

    Great content, like the idea of a longer play off with the leaders 👍🏻

  11. Cracking golfer james is…not that im saying your not gaz..great vid👊👊👊👍

  12. david quinn says:

    Hope that’s a ball in his pocket

  13. Cool Gary getting James on will be great for your channel. Lester Barnes, coach Lockey and Mark??

  14. 7 iron to 13 is silly long!
    But I agree, the green size is a bit of a joke and ruins the hole.
    Great vlog and golf!!

  15. Great video. I like the idea and can’t wait to see it unfold

  16. Been watching james for 4 years now, good to see him on the channel 😎

  17. Great video Gaz, I feel like a very small hitter now after seeing how far James drove it on 12 and 14 😂

  18. 2010LeeG says:

    James is class, almost as good as Flower, great video.

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