Inhouse League is heating up! – RavenCourt #4 – Heroes of the Storm

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7 Replies to “Inhouse League is heating up! – RavenCourt #4 – Heroes of the Storm”

  1. Simon Kirsch says:

    such a thrilling game!

  2. CraftIngo says:

    the mecha spider mount (particular the blue one) is a reminiscence to one of the best Anime series ever created. Ghost in the Shell – stand alone complex They are called Tachikoma in this series.

  3. Blizzsoft says:

    it is uncomfortable always to see Genji give almost 1th dmg with no death 😂
    even dehaka&uther didn't prevent that awful creature.

  4. I love how you do this, however if someone is chat banned they should be disqualified from this league. I think it sets the wrong message for all players.

  5. Goatmeal says:

    Um, I think you already cast that Tomb game on the first Ravencourt compilation. I was getting SERIOUS deja vu! But now we have two different casts of it so that's kind of hilarious.
    Great games, loving the coverage!

  6. God Khaldor that 100 gem story i literally laughed my as* off xD 🤣🤣

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