INTERNATIONAL Budget Battle @ PowerGrip in Finland

This is a very special episode at Powergrip Tampere disc golf store. Check them out online at:

Eveliina Salonen and Kevin Jones team up against Henna Blomroos and Luke Humphries to take on the Tampere Disc Golf Course. But first, they will spin the wheel to determine their budget and have 2 min to shop.

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32 Replies to “INTERNATIONAL Budget Battle @ PowerGrip in Finland”

  1. Thanks so much to Powergrip for supporting our content! You can check them out for yourself at

  2. Love Kevin he seems like a nice guy

  3. Should do more of these. 👍

  4. RyanR1278 says:

    Man if these two ever learn how to putt, they would be winning a lot of tournaments. They throw the disc so good but the putt is killing them. They need to take the whole off season and just practice putting and find something that works

  5. This was such a fun watch! Some incredible throws on this one!

  6. Hammernaut says:

    They really should include Tampere disc golf center to EO. Playing 2+2 would make EO even more awesome!

  7. People always rip Evelina for her putting, but she is probably the best FPO player in the world tee to green. When she figures out her putting, she will rocket to #1 in the world!

  8. d1mez says:

    amazing how can people get 75dollars wrong with few discs to pick xD

  9. CAB says:


  10. Why does Kev always make falling off the tee look so funny?

  11. Love the mixed dubs format!

  12. Joe Heiliger says:

    The women were absolutely carrying this round… those were some amazing shots.

  13. tpd139 says:

    Got the power grip Simon glitch on the way!

  14. Idea. Make a second wheel for the shopping time. Have all three spin both the money wheel and the time wheel at the same time.

    Countdown, release the players, chaos ensues. Would just save a bunch of time and make the beginning more energetic.

  15. Nate W. says:

    Can we point out these amazing women carried the guys 🫶 awesome video.

  16. Hatchet man says:

    My choice would be thunderbird,Teebird,Roc3 and a Aviar!!!❤

  17. Notice Luke’s footwork on hole 1 compared to everyone else’s. Then compare all 4 shots… I’ll just leave that there for you to chew on.

  18. Discgolf247 says:

    Lucky luke has got to stick

  19. Discgolf247 says:

    “Ask luke how he likes those apples”

  20. Doc Xen says:

    1. love seeing the ladies but 2. could we get a lil graphic for who's shot they are taking? 3. Anyone else think time should be based on amount of money? ie highest dollar gets 1 minute each interver adds 30 secs for if 175 is top then 150 gets 1:30 100 2:00 75 2:30 etc

  21. mega icculus says:

    Ask Luke how he likes those apples – What? Henna with some absolute crushes out there.

  22. Khufu says:

    "Ask Luke how he likes those apples"

  23. quipalco says:

    I mean I automatically love every video with KJ, dude just has charisma. But the girls were awesome too. Great video.

  24. Chris Davies says:

    If you ever put your phone on a teepad, or on the ground, you should expect that phone to be stood on.
    Most likely, by yourself.

  25. 30:31 Henna saying what we're all thinking

  26. Bear Golfn says:

    That was a fun watch. TY

  27. mscudde2 says:

    Love these videos, but the beginning is always kinda slow/boring. I think it would be better if everyone rolled, got their spending amount, 4 mins to shop (everyone at the same time), and then a quick review of what everyone bought. Thanks for the amazing videos!

  28. Johan Lind says:

    Henna and Eveliina are crushing this course! OK, Ev got the home-course advantage, but still really good!

  29. Would be cool to see what discs they chose.

  30. MickDirtee says:

    I’m surprised I didn’t see a backflip competition out of Luke and Kevin for how much they were beefin as buddies during this 😆

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