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44 Replies to “WOULD YOU CUFF…”

  1. Sara Saffari says:

    Use code SAFFARI50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at https://bit.ly/44YGsRD!

  2. Adam Ornelas says:

    I subscribed cause brad said she’s great 😀

  3. RobZimiga says:

    First video I've watched of yours. Takes a lot of talk about real life things especially on judgmental YouTube.. But you have no idea how you help other people feel like they're not alone who may not have had a dad while growing up and other issues.. You go! Proud of ya. ❤ 🙌👏

  4. Inol Iljam says:

    You‘re cute, but that one video, that you‘re said thait you never will learn how to cook and clean, disturbed my positive feeling about you. I mean, that isnt even a
    role assignment, i‘ts just basic knowlegde about lifetasks. And you as a Fitnessinfluencer can‘t even cook. That‘s a littlebit shameful i think. You‘re living in America, were the food is the most poisened. Being able to cook healthy is a must, and it would be even better if you would now how to grow it. Greetings from Switzerland. 🇨🇭

  5. XD says:

    Brad means well but has a shit way of putting his thoughts into words 😂

  6. info781 says:

    Is this a soap opera in a gym?

  7. Jermaine says:

    who me? oh nothing just waiting on this bitch to actually workout lol

  8. Jacob Vega says:

    I'll be your daddy, all jokes aside I'm in love with you

  9. Respected sara madam i saw your video with faith ordway and the way you are enjoying company with faith , kindly request to do kissing challenge with faith and also upload physical strength challenge with her i am sure you will cross 1 million views its a diehearted request from fan , you both are made for each other

  10. Jay E says:

    this chick has a coolest personality

  11. This video made me cry for the first time in 3 years, I liked it a lot. Thank you Sara and Brad <3

  12. new0033 says:

    People watch this crap?

  13. Adam Mcgrath says:

    Would definitely cuff in a heartbeat 😂

  14. My little bro and I have convos like this all the time…

  15. MUUGEN says:

    Saras intro to this video is the reason why i watch her she is so effortlessly funny

  16. We love you because you're genuinely hilarious and are overall such a good vibe, Sara!

  17. i would litarly marry you sarah <33333

  18. Damn she already at a milli subs😭 remember it being like 50k she deserves it though frfr

  19. we want a belly punch contest 😂‼‼

  20. K G says:

    CHEERS 🍻

  21. Joe Green says:

    These 2 are so not funny YouTube leave me T F ALONE GOT DAM IT!!!!!!!!

  22. Joe Green says:

    Brad is a DOOSH CANOE WORD.

  23. sad syd says:

    bradley needs to stop taking gear because he penis will dissapear its supposedly very small

  24. sad syd says:

    bradley actually has to smash already at this point bro like cmon just put it in her

  25. Alex Romero says:

    Sara secretly loves brad shes not good at hiding it 😂

  26. Crouching Underarm Finger Flog?

  27. life is short. make it shorter. take gear.

  28. Dj Khaled: "Life is Roblox!"

  29. Richard says:

    I was not ready for a Sara Saffari trauma dumping video

  30. Chris Holmes says:

    Those guys are standing around like they're ready to eat her up..

  31. GameFein99 says:

    I feel like sara bought followers Fr fr

  32. only gym girl i'm rocking wit fr

  33. Chris Kuhn says:

    yo im a big fan of bradly but now im a huge fan of you becuase i just discoverd you today. so heres the thing. did bradly martyn sell you drugs.

  34. wright vcx says:

    I watch her video because of her jolly nature and sense of humor. Of course not everyone could be smiling and happy all the time, but it is good to have it for 10-15 minutes of a youtube video.

  35. boxing4 life says:

    Sara definitely a wifey

  36. Herra Estra says:

    Y’all need a video of y’all fishing 🎣 a big swordfish

  37. Bryan Diaz says:

    Sara’s mom is a real one ❤ takes a strong women to raise a kid alone I can attest my moms the strongest women I know

  38. Brad will stop using gear for Sara's Love ❤❤❤❤❤😊

  39. Kelly M says:

    Love you Sara, Im a lady and a big fan here of you both.

  40. Brian Bowers says:

    Bradley not knowing the difference between half brothers and step brothers is crazy!

  41. When did sara transition from male to female?

  42. Her and brad are perfect together tbh

  43. But you’ll go soon too. You’re on gear. LMFAO

  44. sara u are the only level headed person in that gym and this my first time watching your video 😭

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