Irons and Wedges Fitting – Cat 3 – Edward Hallett

Ed looking to update a his slightly older clubs with some quite startling gains found.


8 Replies to “Irons and Wedges Fitting – Cat 3 – Edward Hallett”

  1. Great fitting Edward your a better player than you think

  2. Excellent fitting session – Matt has a good eye for what adjustments to make. I'm always fascinated by how small details can make a significant difference 🤓 Fitting sessions with 'normal' mid handicap golfers like this is feeling very relevant for many of us on this side of the screen with similar HCPs. 👍

  3. 16 hcp? must be one crappy putter

  4. Strikes the ball better than his 16 handicap would suggest. Hit #11, near perfect sweet spot contact, 178 yds carry 193 total with his old 5 iron is impressive. How old is he? And the second shot with the P790 6 iron he gets club speed 82, ball speed 122, smash factor 1.49, carry 184, total 202. Wow! That's pretty much what a tour pro would get with a 7 iron and a scratch handicap player would get with a 6 iron. And incredible results with the T200 and Nippon NS Pro 950 S shaft: club speed 85.1, ball speed 126.3, smash factor 1.49, spin 4551, carry 187.4, total 200.4, height 82. Great fitting. Edward will be in low single digits before you know it thanks to you.

  5. Ron Langfus says:

    Tremendous video, really nice to see mid-handicap fitting which more golfers can relate to. Hope you do more like this. Keep up the great work……

  6. S.Forbes says:

    Another great fitting by Matt 👍🏾
    For me one of the best parts of this channel is the fitting process.

    One thing i must say tho is not sure if you or youtube is in charge of how many adverts are shown but there seems to be 1-2 adverts shown literally every 5 mins. Dont mind adverts being shown but every 5 mins is abit much.

  7. Dave Hurley says:

    Absolutely love the comment …we find the best shat that works for you then the best head that works for you .. that's what I call the ultimate fitting 👍👍 fantastic guys

  8. Great fitting! Can I ask what happens if you play with midsize or jumbo grips, are you able to put the grips on during the fitting or will the fitting work just as well with regular grips?

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