Is Baseline Plastic Really Best for Putting?

I’m sure you’ve all heard it said somewhere “you must use a baseline plastic for putting”. This is something I’ve just taken as a sure thing. But with modern plastics is it still a sure thing. Are we actually using the wrong plastic to putt with? In this video I run an experiment to test all the different MVP plastics and see which plastic works best for putting.

Part 2 coming soon.

0:00 Start
1:03 Background
1:54 The Experiment
2:40 The Contenders
5:10 Putting (and lots of it!)
8:06 The Results
12:37 Your Turn?
13:43 Where to Next?

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33 Replies to “Is Baseline Plastic Really Best for Putting?”

  1. I putt with electron firm pilots because I could buy a big stack of them for cheap. I am not rich enough to buy 10 prism discs that will never leave my yard.

  2. InspGadgt says:

    Wow…a 175g Fission…most Fission discs I've seen are very light weight in the low 160s high 150s.

  3. Plagus says:

    Great video! I have a potential idea for a test. Most of the time people are using putters that have dust or fine dirt on them from the course. I would be interested in seeing the stats for each of these putters after dust has been put on them. Could have a bucket of powdery dirt similar to upcoming water test. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tom BURCH says:

    Fantastic content! You have a unique perspective on disc golf that no one else offers. Most video’s seem to be “grip it and rip” which gets kinda stagnant. Keep up the great work. Always exciting seeing new videos from your channel!

  5. Some companies not even have "classic blend basic" plastic in their gategory.
    In putters all is about what feels good in your hand. Nothing else matters IMHO.
    The main point is that most current pros has learned putting with basic plastic and they want to keep that feel.
    Nothing wrong in that!
    For amateur… The feel in hand, how easy it is to release, is the crip suitable to you? And also… how long the putter last in usage.
    When you have started using one putter with spesific blend it takes time to learn the new one, because the disks fly a little bit differently! So that makes the biggest difference IMHO2.

    Also… Hyzer/flat/anhyzer put, spin put, push but also affect what kind of putter suits to you…

  6. Great video! i actually putt with Mint soft eternal bullets. Not sure if any minty goodness has made it down under, but its made with MVP plastic.
    the reason i switched is because the rocks on the putting 'greens' in Austin were taking chunks out of my electron proxies. I've notice much much longer life with my eternal bullets, and the gummier plastic makes them a little less OS, resembling the flight of base line plastic.

  7. Great video! How about temperature test? Cool warehouse compared to searing heat outside or putting from outside to the basket in warehouse to minimize the wind effect? Heat + sweat + sun lotion in one test. 🙂

  8. Taco socks says:

    Jawbreaker Luna

  9. I only had neutron and R2 Ions at the course today and seemed to do better with the R2, which I usually only throw. So I was thinking about this assumption just today and then here is your new video. Thanks! Great editing etc. R2 is so slick when wet though. I have putted with the Anode, Envy, Nomad and the Ion, just experimenting, and feel a little more in control with the Ion currently.

  10. Earl Louie says:

    Do discs spin backwards like the toilets there?

  11. jc says:

    For an MVP anode is there a close equivalent to the prism plastic. (I'm guess the plasma anode or the r2 anode?) Forgive me for the dumb question I am still learning a lot about plastics and there is a lot of info out there.

  12. Sir_Tut says:

    I wish Anodes came in a larger selection of plastic cause I'm very interested in trying this experiment

  13. Caleb Dyer says:

    Imagine if mvp made prism electron. I feel like you could get the grip of electron with premium durability

  14. Kevin Chiles says:

    Have putted for decades with DGA’s Blowfly ll. Curious about all the new disc/ plastics available, have bought 7 new putters, let alone mids an drivers, in various plastics in last year and half. 😂 Am particularly happy with the feel of MVP’s R2 neutron Anode. On variation of this subject is the force at which putted , soft or hard. I see many young players putting harder than what was normally seen.

  15. jd says:

    Live updates on the stats was awesome

  16. MSFB4EVER says:

    Awesome video! You never disappoint!!

  17. Hey i have the same shirt

  18. I'm gonna guess plasma / prism. But thats becous of the non weather factor and you are in warehouse. If I play on a dry course in the summer here in Sweden, the dust sticks to the baseline and make it less sticky, that would not be the same with plasma/prism (only saying prism since you said it's same as plasma ,never had a prism) and the warehouse is most likely a little dusty so less grip for baseline.
    On the other side tho, if it's a little wet where i play the baseline keeps the grip more. Anyhow, plasma and base are best for putting off the 5 or so plastic I have tested. Buddy of mine use plasma, 950 ish player 🤷‍♂️😊

  19. wzywg says:

    I'd like to see chalkly hands vs no chalk. I much prefer neutron over electron, but I also don't like chalk or dirt on my hands. I like to have dry clean hands on a clean disc. But, I notice players like Gannon Buhr with a lot of chalk, so maybe there's something to chalky hands and the chalky feel of baseline plastics.

  20. Tyler Felton says:

    Great concept. One thought I had was the premium putters have less grip on the chains, though I have not seen that in my play. I wonder if because MVP putters have a softer/rubbery rim it would influence your results more. Putting with a pilot baseline vs premium would be an interesting test. I put with Pures and use my Opto plastic putter for everything from upshot’s to putting and it has always felt comfortable, but I have noticed when I hit the top of the basket it can bounce out quit far compared to softer plastic. The thing I wonder is if a zero medium (baseline) would kick out of the chains less often than the Opto line (premium) due having more tachiness?

  21. Colin Kuskie says:

    Your putt seems very "push style", and with that "parabolic" flight patch I bet that hand grip is more important than any friction between the chains and the disc. I wonder if a spin putter would find grippier plastic is caught by the basket better, or if hand grip/feel dominates all styles.

  22. Amazing Production Quality behind this epic Track. It's quite entertaining watching your putting form & Flow! Keep up the Amazing Content!

  23. I putt with plasma nomads. I’ve tested with the electron as well as envy’s in a number of the plastics you used (I don’t have electron firm, neutron soft, or proton). I like the additional stability of the premium as well as the longer beat it time (maintains the same flight longer). I will sometimes switch to my prism plasma envy if I’m putting into a head wind but I think there are plenty of reasons to either putt with a premium plastic or at least keep a premium version of your normal putter in your bag to help with weather conditions.

  24. technoirtn says:

    I've putt with proton soft Ions for years. I wish they would put more in production! Seems like Ions in general have not seen much love since the Nomads have appeared.

  25. MVP is probably the worst brand to use for this experiment. I would prefer to see aviars, lunas, and P2s used for this experiment.

  26. I've only been playing for a few months, but almost immediately into my dg journey, I switch to putting with only premium plastics. Neutron to be exact. 2 Pilots and a Proxy.
    I found the hand feel and cleaner release with premium to be what I preferred. Base plastics had a tendency to stick to my fingers a bit too much esp when I got sweaty.
    Everyone says Id putt better with base, but the only reason I'm not a great putter is because I simply don't putt enough.
    I've hit edge of chains plenty of times, and still had the Neutron plastic grab the chains enough to go in.
    For me it's a comfort thing. Almost all of my Mids, Fairways, and Drivers are premium, so having a putter that feels the same and releases as nice as those is a confidence booster.
    Maybe someday I'll change it up, but for now I'll stick to putting premium.
    Also, premium doesn't bang up and change it's flight characteristics as quick as baseline, and I like that my putters will fly the same for a long time. On top of that, I dislike the gashes and dents that base plastics get. Doesn't feel good in the hand while putting. At least for me.

  27. You should compare the parting line height of the Fission Envy vs the other Envys. I am seeing that, while discs made with Fission plastic should be more overstable, at least one video I've seen showed the Fission variant of the mold (compared to another plastic) was slightly lower, so was less stable due to aerodynamics, not weight distribution. I realize the aerodynamics don't play into it as much for short range putts, especially with no wind, but the longer the putts and throws, the more that matters.

    I personally prefer R-PRo Aviars to DX Aviars because a) slightly better grip, and b) I think the softer plastic absorbs kinetic energy better, resulting in less violent spit outs and rollaways, and generally sit quicker when they hit the ground. That said I putted with DX Aviars from 2018 to 2022, and within the last year I switched to R-Pro, and I'm still feeling more confident with my decision.

  28. Bryce Rogers says:

    I don't like electron for putting because it feels chalky, but the r2, neutron and proton all feel too slick for me. I putt with prime burst Wardens because they have the right balance of texture, rigidity and chain-affinity. They're also super consistent between runs and very available and cheap. If I had to switch, I'd go with the SS Warlock from Gateway.

  29. Thanks for the effort, tend to agree with you on the plastic.😊

  30. As he holds up one of my go-to putters in baseline plastic. In the color that I primarily bag. 😅

  31. Riley Albers says:

    I'd be interested in seeing an experimental measurement of either the moments of inertia or coefficients of friction for the various plastics. Great video mate

  32. Mike Handte says:

    I just switched my putters from Innova's DX to their G-Star plastic and I think is performs just as well as the DX when it comes to the chains and in inclement weather

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