Is Northwoods a Good Disc Golf Course and are the Best Players Getting Worse? | Debate Night

Trevor is joined by Hunter, Brodie, and Caleb for this week’s Debate Night!
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22 Replies to “Is Northwoods a Good Disc Golf Course and are the Best Players Getting Worse? | Debate Night”

  1. Sofaspud says:

    ahhh nice, Hunter doing his weekly DGN impersonation!

  2. Derek Ramsey says:

    I find it hilarious at 36:37 they don't mention Kevin Jones… Brodie and Trevor go back & forth without mentioning KJUSA. Yeah Hunter does eventually but man… The disrespect.

  3. Roger Poe says:

    Skyline Chili is Cincinnati. Go there and enjoy!

  4. Trevor, despite what the bet ended up being, your original take was that he wouldn’t even contend for a win, and that was wrong even before Ledgestone.

  5. Bobby Detter says:

    DD is the answer to who needs the splashiest signing. They have Ricky and that’s IT

  6. The last question was dumb. It set up whoever got to answer first to win. Not much to be said about what course features are too gimmicky.

  7. No justice for robots.

  8. Caleb and Hunter both have this resting face 😑

  9. with the course gimmicks question. I feel like what really separates the baseball course from the water tower is the visual ques. The baseball field can have ads, flags, painted lines, corrugated plastic in the fence rim etc.. These things have nothing to do with disc golf, but are meant to draw your eye (in there original context). The water tower however, had a bunch of ads for Discraft discs plastered on it and very few visual ques that would draw our attention away from the context of Discgolf. (the bridge is the same)

  10. Y'all need time stamps

  11. Chaser 90EK says:

    Robot Hunter > Sitting Brodie

  12. Kevin says:

    Seriously, stop putting Hunter on when he has shit internet….

  13. Scott Poynor says:

    TD can adjust tee times to give adequate time.

  14. So little love for Westside…..haha great debate none the less.

  15. Jeffery Say says:

    I just went back and watched ledgestone 2020 amd i th8nk Northwoods gold might be to easy. I think if it possible to use holes from both layouts, would be really cool.

  16. Daft Dolfing says:

    Baseball field gives people a sense of how far a player has to home run launch a disc over the fence. Some pros didn’t hit their home run and came up short – Separator. I like it as a viewer. The Home Run hole stays.

  17. E W says:

    I think Innova needs a new star player. I know that Calvin is probably the best player in the world at the moment but there's rly no one close to him on Innova. I know they have GG, Koling, Sexton, Philo but let's be honest, while they are still very popular due to their various other activities in disc golf besides playing, none of them is top 20 player anymore… They have also lost a bunch of their high profile players in the last 5 years, Paul, Ricky, AB, Conrad.. Their FPO team is top tier but it seems Kristin is just pretty much unbeatable 😅

  18. Did you have Gold Star Chili if not Skyline Chili? Both are chains of restaurants that center around Cincinnati style chili which is basically chili with brown sugar base

  19. As a local to northwood, I enjoy the natural OB. If any trees are removed on 12, it should be landing zone right off the tee and right side of creek. The hill and narrow zone to the hole are fine. You guys that haven’t seen or played should not suggest these awful ideas in the cast. It plays toughest hole on tour…make tougher holes on tour.

  20. My question is will Brodie show up with camo yoga pants like Cole wore for a round? Please let’s not make those a trend.

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