New 2023 TAYLORMADE P790 Iron

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The new TaylorMade P790 iron, new for 2023 and is the 4th gen of the p 790 golf iron. My golf review comparing against the old 2012 model of p790, is the new golf club better.

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34 Replies to “New 2023 TAYLORMADE P790 Iron”

  1. KL says:

    Please add PXG Gen6 to the comparo. Very good hollow irons available now.

  2. Yes on the P790/T200 video !!

  3. Thumbnail preview is the T200. Woops!! 🤭

  4. golfaddict says:

    I am currently playing the STEALTH irons….my handicap this year is around 6-8…..I like the forgiveness but am wondering if you think the P-790 would be good for my game or if i am good enough to play them….i love the look of the P-790… would be looking to get 5-PW , AW with 1 degree up and midsize grips and prefer the graphite shafts…thx…cheers from Canada

  5. Dixon says:

    Trying to decide between these and the new Apex Pros coming out

  6. On my side , if you can compare it with the new T150 as well, it would be great! I hesitate to buy between the new T150 and the new p790!

  7. Love you see the comparison number between new irons

  8. For myself the sound and feel is of putting shame really, both the 790 and 770 look great.

  9. Jason Alcock says:

    I tested last gen T200 & P790 and they were great. As was Mizuno Pro Pro 225. I didn't quite pull the trigger so would love compare of all 3

  10. Naga says:

    Yes please for T200 vs P790 comparison. I need to upgrade an iron club set for my son in the next few months. He will get it fitted in end of September but would be good to get an input from you as well, thanks.

  11. Adam Holt says:

    Definitely keen to see the comparison vs T200 and PXG Gen 6 0311 would be great too. Also wonder if the better comparison on how the p790 has evolved would be to compare against the 2019 version?? It's unlikely people with '21 would consider the '23 but far more likely those with '19s would consider the '23??

  12. Would like to see the p790 vs the t200

  13. NtheKnife18 says:

    Thank you. 21 vs 23 is the only review I’d wanted to see. Think I’ll save $1400 keep playing my 21s and maybe wait till 2025.

  14. Do the test please 🙏

  15. Eric Jaye says:

    I've hit them both. T200 looks better at address P790 is more forgiven and faster ball speed.

  16. Might be closer if your smash was the same for each model.

  17. P790 vs T200 vs ZX5 mkii

  18. F Lew says:

    Taylormade does say on their website that the new P790 has a 'forged hollow body" and a '4140 forged high speed face'. I just wonder how do they manage to forge such a complex shape, especially with the 'thick and thin wall'. If it is in fact a cast body, then I would call that false marketing information on their website.
    Please do a T200 comparison. That would be interesting.

  19. Please, we want to see the comparaison with the T200!!!

  20. david walker says:

    Definitely a showdown with t200

  21. Faiz Ismail says:

    Definitely would like to see a T200 / P790 comparison. Mostly interested in dispersion differences

  22. Looks like TM has put a lot of tech research into the inside of these irons, which has to have some gains. The 2023 version is definitely better, longer carry, greater height, better descent angle which means it will stop on the green, and better dispersion control (you could have thrown out the one wide to the right). Would definitely like to see a comparison with the T200.

  23. Would love to see the head to head with the new T200

  24. wnfakind says:

    Don’t see why any one would upgrade or get these over last Gen, get last gen save a bunch and get the same iron lol

  25. oregieman says:

    Yes please for the head to head……got my fitting for them next Thursday, shout out to the pros at North Foreland, can’t wait!

  26. 1.41 vs 1.38 smash factor is pretty significant if we're assuming strike locations were comparable for both irons.

  27. Please head to head with T200 and I525

  28. Rondo says:

    You lprefer TM 790 or the 723 tour edge pro ?

  29. Wade Preston says:

    I would like to see a comparison to the titlest 200, PXG gen 6 P, and this new 790. One of these three will be my next set

  30. MrMjc83 says:

    Golf clubs are getting ridiculously beautiful nowadays. Shame they cost £1,300 a pop 😂.

  31. Mark Chazz says:

    Can I just have your swing?? Butter

  32. Billy Chavez says:

    Head to head !! Let’s go

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