IS THE PRO-V1 DEAD? COSTCO KIRKLAND SIGNATURE vs TITLEIST PRO-V1! We all know that the Titleist Pro-V1 and Titleist Pro-V1x have been the benchmark for golf balls for a very long time, we have had Taylormade TP5 and Taylormade TP5x looking like knock them off the top as the best golf ball you can buy, Callaway Chromesoft and Callaway Chromesoft X have been a fan favourite for a number of years now also… but what about the Costco Kirkland Signature Golf ball? surely a golf ball on sale next to dog food, toilet roll and ketchup can’t take the crown as the best golf ball money can buy? we know they are cheap golf balls, excellent value golf balls, and good golf balls, but are they the new best? lets find out… and lets do it now!



  1. eric wright says:

    I'm using the Kirkland 3 piece v2.0 balls because they're very affordable and they feel fabulous around the green. Iron shots feel soft and rewarding. The drive is slightly shorter than the ProV1, but not so short that I couldn't reach a green in 2 on a par 5. I only lost about 5 yards average.

  2. Ivor Hughes says:

    Playing Kirkland over the winter but now looking for 2023 season. The Kirkland I find can mark up after a round and distance is OK for winter. Have tried a few and I am leaning towards the Taylor made TOUR RESPONSE. As a 10 handicap the Kirkland’s are a little short and there is something about the feel I cannot put my finger on. You generally pay for what you get and the mid range price TM with stripe works for me. Don’t tend to lose many balls and after playing a single TM for a couple of rounds, I have to say there is hardly a mark on it.

  3. He didn’t talk about how high the Costco ball flies, not as good in he wind. If you play in the house on a computer it’s fine.

  4. Kirkland is not equal to the PROV1.

  5. Luke Spector says:

    Can't even give away my surplus Ping golf balls from an impulse shipment I "speculated" on.

  6. Rob Fink says:

    I'm just getting (re)started after many years and I use Kirkland balls because they are cheap. I'd use them if they were average. Costco's Kirkland brand tends to be quality items at a low price so I'm not at all surprised they tested well.

  7. Let me put it this way. I found a brand new Kirkland in my bucket at the range today. It DID NOT come home with me. Kind of says it all.

  8. I've found quite a few Kirkland Signatures on the course….never found one beat up or scuffed…always in good shape. Maybe users tend to lose them before they get damaged?…or, they are pretty darn durable. Great balls, to my experience, but they don't float. 🙂

  9. Exactly “there a pound”

  10. Dap8998 says:

    I am just getting back into golf. I bought the Costco balls because of the price since I loose them. Good to hear they perform well.

  11. Buck Nekid says:

    My view is 10+ hcp need to be using the Kirkland or Srixions. The balls perform really well and don’t hurt when they send it into the water.

  12. Kirks are the most durable ball in my simulator. Pro v’s crack quickly. The kirks last forever. I’m a Kirkland guy. I also eat their pizza, but their car batteries and cook their burgers.

  13. Nick Galante says:

    I use Kirkland balls(v2) I would definitely put them up against any of the budget-busting $50/dozen name balls. Their performance is very good and they fit the game of 99% of the golfers playing the game. In fairness though, the premium ball $45 /dozen does have an edge in durability,

  14. David Cole says:

    Kirkland Golf Balls are the best Value balls you can get.. Feel very close to Pro V1 but 3rd of the price.

  15. The problem I have with these simulator reviews is they don’t give enough context for what really matters when evaluating a ball. Most good golfers will hit the ball roughly the same distance regardless of what ball they are using. When looking at ball differences I’m more interested in the feel of the ball of the club face, is it soft or firm, can you control it pitching around the green, how does it feel when putting. That’s where you’ll start seeing real differences in these balls.

  16. bobwhite2 says:

    What happens if you hit a slice or draw – is the ball path significantly different. I heard that a slice with the Kirkland is more off target than the Pro v1.

  17. bobwhite2 says:

    Run the test with a friend teeing up each ball …so you don’t know which ball you are hitting.

  18. Sam Sabo says:

    1:53 my local course has a lot of water features so I use whatever balls I pull out with my ball fishing tool so I get them for free!

  19. And the verdict? It's the knob on the other end of the club that's going to make or break your game.

  20. Earl Blevins says:

    Kirkland Three-Piece Urethane Cover v2.0 Performance +. With a USGA GHIN 38.4, I am definitely no threat to the European or American Tours. It doesn't hurt nearly as much when I lose a $1.00 ball. I am not sure that I can discern a difference between the Kirkland and Titleist Pro V-1 balls.

  21. West World says:

    I’m using the ball I have now because I lost the last one.

  22. Jim Wocha says:

    need to test the V2 James

  23. East Portal says:

    Kirkland balls and pro v1s are made in the same factory

  24. Having returned to golf after an 11 year gap, I was expecting to lose a few balls. So, I bought the KS from COSTCO. I must say they have been brilliant, especially around the green and out of the bunker. My driving range is not consistent enough to worry about a few yards due to the ball, but the KS feels good off the club face. For me, I don’t see the value in a ball costing 3.5 times the price. Finally putting is lovely with the KS.

  25. Toon Lad says:

    These perform better than any other budget ball available and better value than a premium ball……but don't perform as good.

    The pro-v1 is the best quality ball on the market with zero ball defects compared to anything else available which is why they are so expensive.

    If you don't care about driver distances the kirklands are awesome……but there is still a place for the £3+ ball

  26. Jim Rothery says:

    I play pro V-1's… when I find them and the rest of the time I play the Kirkland ball. It works for me.

  27. Helmotron says:

    Would these balls be better suited to a lower ball speed player? A good drive for me would be about 240-250 yards. I usually just play with irons on a fairly short course though.

  28. i use them they are fantastic

  29. How do you hit your gap Wedges so far? For some reason I also hit my Pitching Wedge 120-130 yards and my 7 Iron carries 170 yards… but I can barely get my 52 degree to reach 100! The 52-60 Wedges are Kirklands, and my Irons are Sim2 OS with graphite shafts. I'm getting good height on both PW and Gap, it's just my 52-60 Wedges don't give the same pop and ball speed I get with my regular irons including PW. I find myself having to choke up and do easy swings with a PW on anything longer than 100 and shorter than 125. That's over 20 yards without a club which isn't normal.

  30. Just switched to these from tm rbz soft let’s see what happens

  31. samuel reid says:

    Lol so tell me how Kirkland balls are 24 for 24 pro v 1’s are 130 for 24? 64 dollars for 12… but they all feel about the same and basically play the same

  32. bailey says:

    I like both the Titleist and the Kirkland. For me they are pretty close in feel and distance however I found that I will get a bit more distance with the Titleist. But you just can't beat the price difference at a $1.12 to 4.50 per ball that's US.

  33. bought a couple dozen and compared to my srixon xv-v's they definitely balloon into the wind and are atleast shorter by 15 yards off the tee. Spin, spin, spin too much spin. Only saving a $1 a ball compared to srixon's so ya I don't think I will switch for the one ball a round I lose. Better than a topflite but far from challenging the top balls yet.

  34. Noodles. Great price.

  35. Buttdreads says:

    Video is way to long for a simple,

    what ball it better?

  36. whats the golf matt that yu got mate?

  37. DP Dutcher says:

    Low handicapper and I play nothing else. You have to be a chump to play a $4 Titleist today.

  38. YungDegen says:

    I use the Top Flite Hammer

  39. Cher Derian says:

    Durability only issue I’ve found with them, my wedges rip the cover apart. I’m a high handicapper so not a problem for me as lost balls are regular event!

  40. Richard says:

    You should review the new Costco ball 2.0. It’s the same thing as these, but “revamped” they say. Maybe they fixed the crappy cover quality issue? The ones you used in this video have green coloring on the box. The 2.0 version is red. They aren’t available online yet. I’ve seen them in my local warehouse.

  41. MrLanceboil says:

    Most of us DONT hav a 110 club speed …. and I seriously doubt this ball was designed for it …. my speed is much lower and love this ball

  42. David Bates says:

    Would a mid handicapper, who swings slower than a beast, notice that drop in driver distance??? Would be interesting to know, I doubt it.

  43. Hahaha my PW goes 100 max…but that's me at 5'7 and now a 10-15 rounds a year golfer. I really like using Taylor Made tour response balls when I can get them on sale. I prefer a soft feel ball for my game.

  44. I’ve been using Kirkland brand for 3 months now. My friends say they’re illegal because my scores have improved since I’ve started using them. I was playing Titlest and Vice pro plus exclusively. I’m a 5 handicap and just love the way the ball checks, flys and rolls on the greens. I don’t have restrictions when it comes to cost for buying golf balls but choose to play Kirkland because of the playability.. hope this helps

  45. Uncle Ramus says:

    Callaway chrome soft and super soft as a backup for those hook and slice days. But considering the kirklands as a backup because of the price and quantity.

  46. dustyowl99 says:

    pizza from Costco? unsubscribed…

  47. Kirkland ball has HORRIBLE COVER… one wedge shot and it's toast. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN!

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