Is Your Disc Golf Bag Making You Worse?! | In The Bag 64

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Brad and Robbie break down the bag of this week’s guest, just to build him back up. The guys also discuss how to get some easy distance for less arm speed with this week’s disc reccomendation.

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17 Replies to “Is Your Disc Golf Bag Making You Worse?! | In The Bag 64”

  1. The day i get my subscription each month, is the best day of the month!

  2. Brice Rosa says:

    I wish u would film brad testimg the discs

  3. CADE says:

    I use a grip bag and can confirm it makes me 10x worse

  4. Allen Weed says:

    Man, How do I get on this show??? I live in Oregon…

  5. Allen Weed says:

    I was having a rough time at a tournament and was thinking of throwing in the towel a couple years back. I don't remember how, I think through one of Robbie's videos, but I reached out to him not expecting a reply at all, expressing my frustration at my game and how terrible I was. Robbie actually sent me back a short video with words of encouragement. Just the fact that Robbie took the time back then to reach out was enough for me to tell myself… hey no matter what, it's worth it to play. So this is just another "Thanks Robbie, you have helped so many people." message.

  6. Kallibur says:

    Love this podcast. A flight chart / disc chart would be nice to see in the corner.

    It is helpful to help learn the bag better for viewers who don't know all the speeds or stability memorized.

  7. Brandon Betz says:

    This guy seems like a nice guy. However, his angle of release has to be poor. No way some of these discs he has is flying straight. A hex is not going to be straight unless you throw it 300ft.

  8. Bob Bobby says:

    Why do you guys keep promoting Jesse from "Trash" Panda? That guy is woke and a part of the cancer that plagues this country! He backs Logan Ryan aka Natalie Ryan. Really you want to back a person like that?!! Did you not notice his logo change for the month of June? No thanks, I quickly unsubscribed and unfollowed him and you all should do the same!

  9. definitely needs the bag chart

  10. prattacaster says:

    Dont see the bag…

  11. prattacaster says:

    Im here to say if you dont throw over 300ft you probably dont need anything over 7 speed. Sure you can find something faster that works for you but you WILL get more consistency from discs that match tour arm speed. A bad shot shot with your 7 speed will almost always be better than your bad shot with your 12 speed.

  12. Thank you for taking your keys out, I was a little concerned you might not be wearing your chain! Respect to the Foundation Fam! ❤

  13. liamsire says:

    Ok. Where is he parked? The timber, don't get it. Open garage?

  14. How does someone get on the show?!

  15. OBH says:

    The putter section had extreme overlap

  16. Bobby Bobman says:

    Hello and welcome to plastic in yet another slightly different shape.

  17. Happy to have been apart of it

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