Course Management with Professional Golf Caddy Jonathan Smart

Here’s a little insight into course management from a professional golf caddy, Jonathan Smart. This information has already made a big difference to my decisions on the golf course and ultimately my score card. I think it’s vital information for amateur golfers like myself and I imagine something you don’t want to forget if you’re already at a higher standard.

0:00 Intro
1:19 Club selection off the tee. Driver or 3 Wood?
2:49 Caddy Tip: Pick targets.
6:43 Caddy Tip: Damage limitation.
9:10 Play to you game plan, not someone else’s.
10:13 Correct ball position on the tee box.

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2 Replies to “Course Management with Professional Golf Caddy Jonathan Smart”

  1. Nice vid buddy and kudos for the Hole19 shoutout! Greets to the bro! He was a champ during the Portugal Masters Pro-Am 😉

  2. Great intresting video and good luck getting to scratch. Give worksop a go some day, its a good challenge.

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