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The popular Acura Integra is the brand’s smallest and most affordable model. Introduced last year, the sleek sport compact won the prestigious North American Car of the Year Award. The Integra is a four-door hatchback that shares its architecture with the less expensive Honda Civic but looks similar to Acura’s larger Acura TLX sedan. Acura is Honda’s luxury brand, so the Integra is similar to the Civic in size and performance but features a more premium interior and sharper design to compete with the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA 250. Most models are powered by an eager turbocharged 1.5-liter engine borrowed from the Honda Civic Si. With 200 horsepower and a well-tuned suspension, the Integra is fun to drive, especially with the available six-speed manual transmission. The standard continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) features paddle shifters on the steering wheel for manual control. Buyers looking for serious performance should consider the new 320-hp Integra Type S, which shares its larger turbocharged engine and performance-tuned suspension with the Honda Civic Type R. It’s only available with a slick-shifting six-speed manual for maximum driver engagement. The more aggressive-looking Type S is also a four-seater, while all other Integra models accommodate five. Every Integra offers class-leading rear-seat legroom and cargo space.

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16 Replies to “It's Awesome: 2024 Acura Integra Type S on Everyman Driver”

  1. hitman6191 says:

    Can i get it in any other color other than white. All i see is the color white

  2. ADOPT-A-PET says:

    Looks like a high-school clown car IMO.

  3. Xion D says:

    Yeah everything is awesome. Except he stupid dealer mark ups. I saw one being sold for 110k lmao. Not sure who they are selling to.

  4. Turbo Tofu says:

    You must mean limited slip FRONT differential.

  5. Alpha Beta says:

    $52k for an Acura without a sunroof and a fugly boy racer rear.


  6. addiewinnie says:

    I have aways loved Honda/ Acura products

  7. Type R says:

    Affordable huh,….😒

  8. TheKingkingg says:

    Super awesome car for what it is. My wife and I love ours

  9. Nick Taylor says:

    Limited slip rear differential huh

  10. chemjam says:

    I would rather have a Civic type R for cheaper….same car

  11. Brian Hill says:

    Well does it make insurance cheaper n their higer

  12. Brian Hill says:

    It's a high end Honda n Lexus is Toyota 😮

  13. These are going for over $55,000. For that price I would rather get a Kia Stinger GT or Genesis G70

  14. Kenny B says:

    Does it come as a coupe ?

  15. Rástradamus says:


  16. Kevin S Lim says:

    Love the color 😮

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