"It's tough to watch" Nelly Korda on slow play

LPGA pro Nelly Korda weighs in on monitoring slow play and enforcing the rules of golf.
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10 Replies to “"It's tough to watch" Nelly Korda on slow play”

  1. Tim Jones says:

    she needs to work on her iron play and putting. They both need work her putting is astonishing she don't give her chance on alot of putts because they never reach the hole.

  2. Josiah Z says:

    We should put a strokes gained type ranking on slow play, slowest players are ranked and the slowest from each year succeeding the 40 second rule as an average is kicked off

  3. Exactly. Slow play is making golf an unwatchable product, while slow play with weekend Warriors is making golf unplayable. I’m not advocating sprint to your ball and hit it, but ready golf would help tremendously. 5 hour rounds are unbearable.

  4. Dmkfactor says:

    Patrick Cantlay needs to watch this!

  5. Scott Smith says:

    Slow play is killing the game!

  6. HummingSky says:

    There should be an annual slow play ranking. Problem Solved !!!!! 😊

  7. I concur and they are doing better at it recently

  8. What are the first major improvements to basketball was installing the shot clock. Stop the slow play.

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