Tips for Traveling to Japan for Kendo #kendo

In this video, I share my recommendations for traveling to Japan for kendo. I provide tips on packing kendo equipment, finding dojos to practice in, and improving your kendo skills. If you’re interested in kendo and traveling to Japan, this video is a must-watch.

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6 Replies to “Tips for Traveling to Japan for Kendo #kendo”

  1. Kendo Tips says:

    What would you like for me to share from Japan? In the meantime if you want to watch a video to improve your kendo check this one out:

  2. ian brass says:

    This is the best guide for Kendo practice in Japan, that I've seen so far!
    I have never had the JR pass though… Did you ever consider renting a car?
    If you can please try out one of the many ferry connections they have in Japan. It's an awesome experience.

  3. Do you speak Japanese? Could you share what is the experience like for someone that does not speak Japanese, when traveling to Japan for Kendo?

  4. K Videos says:

    Any information you can share about finding dojos that are welcome to visiting kendoka (not beginners) would be helpful. Thanks!

  5. This video is a gem ! Thanks Jose for the tips – have a greeeeeeat time in Japan ! Please bring back and let us know on training routines you pick up there( especially suitable for older kendokas). Obviously, more specifics on dojos that we could visit , would be a plus, as a kendo trip in Japan is a lifetime dream for most of us! šŸ™‚

  6. Jesshuahs says:

    This is great info, Thanks!

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