Jackass 3.5 Deleted Scenes

Here is my channels Jackass playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm6ao0SEqX8&list=UULFA9M7Z9WtppguCWq-e5EaGQ&ab_channel=BigShooterUnaimed

Deleted scenes from Jackass 3.5 extras


22 Replies to “Jackass 3.5 Deleted Scenes”

  1. Seanie says:

    Regarding that final line….you can rape the willing.

  2. Chris Pontius might be one of the funniest humans ever alive. That drop knee discussion was just insanely hilarious.

  3. Marcus Smith says:

    9:20 they should of put a shark in the water.

  4. 3:14 does that sound like the scream VibRibbon makes?

  5. OfenOger says:

    no animals were harmed during the making of this movie

  6. My mom is so stupid it's disappointing.

  7. TxCrix says:

    Not exactly Mr. Hands but it'll do.. 🤪

  8. Zipah says:

    giving or reciving it`s gay either way

  9. RCZ CSL says:

    the bad dad was great

  10. Z F says:

    I know its been said countless times before, but RIP Ryan Dunn. With that said love the video brings back alot of memories and laughter!! 13:2513:35 Ryan ill jerk that thing off omg!!

  11. 9:00 you can hear the humor is completely gone from Johnny's voice the second Preston starts to turn around. Say what you will, but there's no denying that they all cared deeply for each other.

  12. Dylan says:

    Surely they’ve weaponized the magnifying sun gun or cannon.

  13. Remember this, when it was actually funny? Now it's a bunch of affirmative action cast members.

  14. adarel reyes says:

    dunn chasing jeff while in a fat suit will always be top tier comedy

  15. Mikeadoo Doo says:

    Chris Pontius is f*** in the head

  16. 9:49 damn really tore his ass up

  17. 8:29 😂 the way he says it.

  18. Nerd Boy says:

    You know some shit’s gross when Knoxville is about to puke

  19. Alexander. says:

    The magnifying glass was so dumb I love it

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