What is in the GOLF BAG?? – I RUINED my PUTTER ! – Full Run Down of my Takomo Irons and Wedges

I never thought to do one of these videos as i though it was not needed however, i have had more people recently asking what clubs do i use and what specs i have my Takomo Irons so in this video we have fun and a chat while going through my bag.

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5 Replies to “What is in the GOLF BAG?? – I RUINED my PUTTER ! – Full Run Down of my Takomo Irons and Wedges”

  1. OMG I have the rossa imola 8 putter very very similar, it’s old but I putt really well with it, but just feel like I want a new one though

  2. I’m sorry but I had to stop watching on the 6th tee. I couldn’t stop laughing at the hiccups…….. I will continue when I stop. I think it was not helped by the previous admission that you tried to spray your shaft black… I am saying no more about that 😂😂😂.

  3. george eames says:

    Looks like you was having a good round aswell. I’ve just picked up a cobra speed zone 3 wood and I can’t stop hitting it

  4. Thanks for the WITB vid. I only knew which irons you were using.. I thought the putter was a Wilson or something..
    I'd recommend a putter fitting too. I did one the other day and am enjoying the putter that came out of it very much which was the pxg blackjack.

  5. Graham Wale says:

    Excellently done for your first WITB. I guessed your 3 wood, I knew your driver was TM, but thought it was a Sim, I knew what irons you were using, but was completely surprised by your putter, I was convinced it was the TM TP Collection Juno. Do you ever try different putters?

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