Jamie Lee Komoroski in court: DUI golf cart crash suspect

Jamie Lee Komoroski in court: DUI golf cart crash suspect

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15 Replies to “Jamie Lee Komoroski in court: DUI golf cart crash suspect”

  1. Clarus V says:

    PATHETIC PARENTING. The Dad & Daughter are NARCISSISTIC fools with zero regard for the DEATH of another human.

  2. My cousin was in there with her he had 2 bodies and he got bond the next day and he wasn't even a dui just reckless driving she must have really pissed off some special ppl

  3. Release her shes innocent,just look at her face she needs to be freed!!!!

  4. user 101 says:

    We need a revival of Greek STOICISM. We must refrain from judgment and EMOTION until we have the facts. Embrace stoicism, embrace a better world!

  5. Red Out says:


  6. Beth Ewalt says:

    Just another drunken entitled, vapid, spoiled girl thinking she's "special" lock her up, throw away the keys!

  7. Time to pay. You do not drink and drive. Period.

  8. Vanesa Vlogs says:

    Wipe that dazed and confused, stupid look off your face. This creature drove 65 in 25. Get rocked.

  9. I'm a party girl, in the party world

  10. Whenever I feel like a failure, I'm reminded that I could be much worse

  11. you drink you drive you lose

  12. Lola4u says:

    The judge did the right thing.

  13. Daniel Blake says:

    Simple realizing that she have choice in the case give her. Sorry Free her

  14. Stop crying. Time to face consequences for your poor decisions

  15. snack time says:

    Is there a video of this whole hearing anywhere?

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