TOUR PRO vs 8 HANDICAPPER: Birdies and THE BEST SHANK EVER!!! #CostaDelSol Golf Trips [PART 2]

LA CALA GOLF RESORT – MATCHPLAY COURSE VLOG WITH SOPHIE WALKER: Rory plays the amazing America Course at La Cala in Spain with former LET Tour Pro and SKY SPORTS Analyst Sophie Walker.


Reasons to Visit La Cala Golf Resort:
– Three championship golf courses on-site
– Courses are designed by Cabell B Robinson
– Near to bars & restaurants in Fuengirola and Calahonda
– Rated 8.8/10 by YGT Customers
– Former European Challenge Tour Venue


Rory is joined in Spain’s Costa Del Sol by pro golfer Sophie Walker where they will show you around golf courses including the America and Asia Courses at La Cala Golf Resort, La Quinta, La Reserva, San Roque Golf Club, and Finca Cortesin, host course of The 2023 Solheim Cup.

In Part 1 (holes 1-6), Rory and Soph were all square in this golf match. Who will gain the upper hand in Part 2 of this golf vlog?


Perched upon the foothills at the base of the Mijas Mountains, La Cala Golf Resort is immersed in the natural beauty of Spain’s magnificent landscape. This spectacular, all-encompassing resort is not only the largest in Spain but one of the best golf destinations in all of Europe. La Cala features three championship courses; Campo America, Campo Asia, and Campo Europa, all flowing effortlessly over the rolling backdrop the resort is set upon.

La Cala’s Campo America Course contains some truly spectacular holes. These include the par 5s at 6, 9, and 18, and the quite remarkable par 3 at 16. The hilly topography on which the course sits means the course presents a stern test, with plenty of forced carries over steep brush-covered side slopes. Nearly three-quarters of the greens are raised above the level of the fairways too, adding yet another challenge for golfers.

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19 Replies to “TOUR PRO vs 8 HANDICAPPER: Birdies and THE BEST SHANK EVER!!! #CostaDelSol Golf Trips [PART 2]”

  1. Dave McCann says:

    8th at La Cala America’s my one and only ever hole in one ! Great to see La Cala again .

  2. 228Human says:

    always a good day when sophie walker in the building

  3. Aah… golf in Spain… the stuff dreams are made of when you live in Norway and the courses have just closed for the winter and the next 6-7 months.. when was this filmed, Rory? stunning track. Great to see Sophie on a vlog again, she´s so down to earth.. unlike that shank-ricochet 😉

  4. more sophie….shes charming

  5. Geoff Howard says:

    great few holes Rory, always enjoy watching you two. I've played La Cala a few times and its an enjoyable course. Tee's and greens didn't look too good though??

  6. Don Addyman says:

    Good round of golf even with skank balls! Sophie plays a great game. And my ears aren’t bleeding, having to listen to you know who, verbally tearing you apart!!

  7. dire wolf at 21:15 min… great game Sophie! Always a pleasure.

  8. A Q says:

    YouTube golf ROYALTY – Princess (sky)Walker!

  9. Mitch Morris says:

    That was hilarious bruh rock shank road ball ⚽ 😂 and what a chip in from Sophie and a streak of birdies 👏 👍 🇦🇺

  10. Jeff Smith says:

    Wow the views on that golf course are epic . well played Sophie you have not lost it . That shank though Rory 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. EV MOLLET says:

    Nice one again!! That last comment… "I'm just beeing nice!" 😂😂😂

  12. Chris Nash says:

    Any chance of you doing a clinic out here Rory? I'd be straight out on the plane to learn from the master

  13. Lad Golf says:

    Rory, I'd love to know how you pronounce "Carla". Vowels are phonetic in Spanish buddy, fortunately Sophie seems to be aware of this. 😉

    Enough of the pedantry though, enjoyable vlog guys – on what is unquestionably a very good course.

  14. john wood says:

    That shank was class Rory.

  15. Mark Smith says:

    Always love seeing Sophie and of course you Rory. Thanks for the video.

  16. Barry Emery says:

    Ray, it’s really obvious that the Muppet tour banter has a bearing on your actual golf game, you definitely look like a single figure player (as I was typing this comment you bang it off the tee and oob, as Sophie said the old Rory is back🤨🤔😂) whereas when out with Mark and Matt, it’s more comedic! Mind you, I shudder to think what you guys would have made of my efforts yesterday, played awful and topped all but 2 tee shots out of the 7 I took, I then gave up (actually, I shouldn’t have played as I have been having severe back spasms and I just couldn’t bend or twist at all), what’s going on, another oob? Duff it on the front edge…..great tip….yes Sophie was being nice, can’t see either Mark or Matt giving that🤔

  17. Hazel Pye says:

    Rory these are a better watch than with the other two ,do more like this

  18. I don’t think I have ever lost yardage off the tee. That’s hilarious. Way to go. Sophie is such a delight to watch play and Rory keeps things very very interesting. Well done to you both.

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