John Lynch: ‘The Guys are Ready’ | 49ers

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General Manager John Lynch previewed the first day of padded practice and discussed the team’s enthusiasm to keep Nick Bosa in red and gold.

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49 Replies to “John Lynch: ‘The Guys are Ready’ | 49ers”

  1. Cisco says:

    Sure wait for the 1st week and have half of the team injured. Always happens with this team

  2. Giovanni2013 says:

    Man the teams core is built on a foundation of winning remember when in 2015-2017 we were laughing at as we were not winning even in 2006-2011 it changes at the management and the consistency with player development and the attraction of incoming talent now the niners are rich in talent and it shows ever since 2017 NOW LETS STAY HEALTHY AND GET THAT 6!

  3. Pay that man and let's move on

  4. i just hope they fixed the front line, so they can protect the qb. the 49ers play the eagles this season and us 49er fans want revenge!

  5. I'm still a niners fan and pre season will be fun to watch for sure. I like what John Lynch said in this press conference. This coming up season in 2023 will be a good one and niners have a good qb and decent back up qbs as well. In my honest opinion the niners have a great team all around. I just hope that Kyle does a better job this season too. Go niners!

  6. deadrooster says:

    Gratful to havea GM like John Lynch

  7. Runtz_ says:

    Excited to see what Danny Green does 👀🔥

  8. As a Niner fan, my whole life, we just feel like a Browns team with a bigger way. Bigger fan base

  9. Hey John Lynch, tell Jade York stop being so goddamn cheap and pay Bosa

  10. devon urroz says:

    If you want to stop getting qbs hurt, beef up your o-line.

  11. jsanf44373 says:

    49ers audio team needs to improve

  12. F**k I hope so Lynchy! He is a good guy I think 👍

  13. If the 49ers go out to Pittsburg and win game 1 at 10am game pacific time? Then the 49ers will be 1-0 . HAHA

  14. floresgt3 says:

    To think he would tell us what their trade inquires. You’re sick

  15. Stuart Damon says:

    The Niners can’t get it done!

    Not since Eddie, Walsh and Seifert.

    You guys know the history.

    NFC Championship Game
    1998 Loss to Green Bay
    2012 Loss New York Giants
    2014 Loss Seattle Seahawks
    2022 Loss LA Rams
    2023 Loss Philadelphia Eagles

    Super Bowl
    2013 Loss Baltimore Ravens
    2020 Loss Kansas City Chiefs

    At this point we are not The Faithful, we are The Masochists.

    And Shanny is going to get CMC hurt, Deboo hurt, and even Trey Lance again on a designed run between the tackles. Or choke in the 4th Quarter.

    I never thought I would give up on this team, but I have. My heartbreak happened 1 to many times and I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship.

  16. eshenson87 says:

    If Deebo repeats 2021, Aiyuk takes a jump, and we are healthy going into the playoffs this is the year. I feel it in my plums.

  17. Surfing & Football share the same trait

  18. THE Best GM in the NFL… he doesnt get enough for finding absolutely game changing players for our team… Im Team HOF Lynch ALL Day… Lets get that 6 NINERS LET'S GO!!!!

  19. 06MERCURY says:

    ready to get smoked by the Kansas City Chiefs

  20. Get rid of Trey man, y’all made a mistake and you know it. Trade him before the hype goes away. Before y’all come at me for “ not being a true fan” I’m being honest. Guy’s only 4-4. Notably the 27-7 game against the Seahawks, Jimmy actually won that game. Trey played mediocre before he left early in it. His collegiate career wasn’t even that impressive. He may be a great guy but he’s literally dead weight 90% of the time.

  21. Boon whaz-up says:

    15-2 home field… 9erssss

  22. WhatevGuyz says:

    Can you guys feel it? This is our year, we are literally so close.. Super Bowl here we come! Bang Bang Niner Gang!

  23. What If says:

    In JL’s tenure: We’ve been so close and have been left with immense heartache on what might have been…but i for one, cherish these days as JL has kept us right in the thick of it, year after year! He won’t be here forever and I am not taking his stewardship for granted!


  24. Tony Foster says:

    You like what Sam put on tape and film 😂😂

  25. Cohn asked a great question about Trey. Keeping Lynch away from personality likes for Trey, and focus on actual play improvement.

  26. ERT says:

    ❤John Lynch. What a class act and great GM.

  27. Jose Guerra says:

    Of course the Niners r ready with brock Purdy starting week 1 and that defense they will get red hot dangerous and win it all.

  28. Good sign to see HAPPY 😂 faces….let's roll Niners


  30. TJD says:

    I’ll be happy when he’s back in the booth. Which is inevitable. But man this mismanagement of the QB position is borderline unbelievable. This reoccurring theme of our best players having to holdout. Yes, our roster is loaded. But that doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

  31. se7entimes7 says:

    Can’t wait to see Bosa back in Red and Gold. We could have an All Time level Defense this season. Seriously.

  32. Can't wait until the house of card collapses again!!

  33. Lynch always strikes me as a decent human being as well as a great GM

  34. David says:

    Grant Cohn: John. My little boy isn’t getting enough affirmation as other players on the team. Can you say some nice words about him??? 😂🤣🤡

  35. I Think TDP makes things complicated with who the 49ers will keep at RB

  36. Hemp Hogg says:

    SF break through year. We in there. Cant wait for the trophy parade @ home ❤ 🏈💛

  37. Juan Cruz says:

    U guys always pay the players so late should have been done along time ago even before camp started he need the reps but I'm sure he's doing fine working out on his own doing his own thing to stay healthy

  38. Here is the hypocrisy of the 2 top managers of the 49ers Shanahan-Lynch vs the difference in treatment of Bosa-Trey.
    They paid a lot for Trey and now they treat him like a waste and they don't give him the opportunity to go to another team and with Bosa they will have to give up their ass to keep him.
    That is why one sides with the players who charge the most of what they want because when you don't serve them they humiliate you.

  39. Hemp Hogg says:

    Lonely locker room without BOSA . 😢 PAY the man

  40. Alex Holden says:

    Danny no catch with chest needs to learn to catch with hahds

  41. Tryin Ryan. says:

    Our guys aee pissed wnd hungry

  42. watson1998 says:

    Reporters ask dumb questions

  43. Not complete and ready without signing Bosa.

  44. Invest in the Oline. Maybe you won't go through so many

  45. I can't wait for the season to start and we march towards winning #6.

  46. 49ERS are inquiring on winning it all 🍻!!

  47. Goooooooo Niners!! Bang bang niner gang gonna go hard this year!!

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