Sneaking into a country that no one is allowed to go to!
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32 Replies to “SNEAKING Into A BANNED Country”

  1. NDL says:

    guys subscribe to me please i’m trying to hit a million subscribers

  2. idk says:

    Spawn camping fr

  3. Cinder4123 says:

    "i started that i started the clap" yea of stds

  4. Blitzen says:

    You know what's crazy is if Liberland becomes a proper country Niko could be a powerful politician of Liberland

  5. annie vuong says:

    The biggest Im Him performance, Big ups NDL❤🎉

  6. Try this for Bir Tawil which is an unclaimed piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, which is claimed by an American man who wanted to make his daughter a princess

  7. Rylan Rayryl says:

    The fact that Niko is just the average guy, and he does something that people over the last 9 years weren't able to do… It's crazy!

  8. lellody says:

    The fact that the police @ssulted u multiple times and you still kept on going, this is true strength.

  9. Tommy Didads says:

    1:58 The way he said “YEAA” informed me that even he’s shocked that hes in that position. 😂

  10. MRedits says:

    6:48 Zero is Enough For Niko

  11. Drex_JB says:

    Bro you can sue the croatian police for that

  12. Daoudske071 says:

    Should’ve went to the Epstein eiland 🏝

  13. YXCboys says:

    This crazy wild ur a W

  14. David-ZG says:

    As a croatian i think that an other Citizen shouldnt be doing this

  15. Norge says:

    That meme island has better border control than Europe itself.

  16. vuca says:

    I'm Serbian and i never expected to see you coming here lol, also this one was wild

  17. Many-Waters says:

    They should have an invasion no weapons only thousands of speedboats with materials to build a house.

  18. Many-Waters says:

    Croatia makes it fun begat they aren't shooting anyone only chasing them with slow boats.

  19. Kizzy B says:

    Croatian Police must be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves. How dare they assault you not only at the border but also on the island. I hope the officers who harassed you were exposed with your footage and dealt with accordingly. I don't know about you guys, but I am NOT interested in going to Croatia if there are officers like that there. SML. SUE THEM NIKO!

  20. yunix says:

    I'm from Croatia and the guy hade no right to hit you sorry you hade to deal with that bro❤😢

  21. Should've arrested the Croatian police officer for assaulting a Liberlandian citizen on sovereign territory.

  22. KoleeSP says:

    song on the end of the video?

  23. Sammy says:

    Just discovered this channel. Very entertaining! 👌

  24. altoparker says:

    croatian police putting american border patrol to shame

  25. 헤성이 says:

    Man I really hope he can press charges against that police officer that assaulted both him and his mate. Out of order that 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  26. 사랑 says:

    wow this is revolutionary. the police were disgusting.

  27. Randomperson says:

    Ive made my caoculations abd there was a 0.000034 % chance according to my research and calculations i cant believe Niko did this and if this becomes a country then he will be a historical figure to create a own country

  28. Jovan P says:

    Big ups for Serbia for being chill about Liberland

  29. Niko is such an inspiration for doing what ever you set your mind to !

  30. lee know says:

    the police is doing way 2 much the guy who hit you should get fired cause wtf

  31. use a helicopter or skydive

  32. Zainab says:

    You really are the BEST

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