Johnny Manziel Joins Bob Does Sports!

With FP’s flight to Phoenix delayed, the boys take on Johnny Football and Cody Alt!



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26 Replies to “Johnny Manziel Joins Bob Does Sports!”

  1. Thanks to Johnny and Cody for joining! Must run it back with FP!

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  2. Cutsy, we love you bro. But you have a club deal and play golf for a living. Let’s hit the range, work on the chip shots and sand game, and for the love of everything please change your putter grip. Looks like you’re about to kink a water hose when you grip the putter.

  3. Detour says:

    "gotta win this to go dormant" – Joey da

  4. yount589 says:

    Wonder if cold cuts has ever thought about working on any of his swing mechanics? Because damn.

  5. Detour says:

    Manziel taking his own ball instead of bobs and then missing the putt is unreal hahah

  6. Peak YouTube golf content

  7. John Turner says:

    Y'all look like brothers.

  8. Not you says:

    😂🤣you think cold cuts would try just a little to get better especially after claiming to shoot a 78 in an early video

  9. Dylan Frank says:

    Joey Bunz showing off where the power comes from! I see you big dawg

  10. shane askew says:

    Cutsy is the poster boy for over explaining things he has no idea about

  11. I’d rather be in this group then with tiger DJ and Rory all day long

  12. the pronunciation of bocce is Bot-sh-e

  13. TWolfyG says:

    "what's Johnny doing…" lmao

  14. Chip In says:

    Boom!…that ending is some good G right thur ⛳

  15. Bochee Joey D hHhahah it’s bocce brother

  16. Anyone know the brand of the hat Johnny Football and Cody are wearing???

  17. Haha all these dudes got absolutely ripped

  18. Leo Garcia says:

    Love the content keep it coming fellas… stop giving each other puts longer than 2-3 feet out. Finish it. Cold cuts my man, you play golf 2-3 times a week maybe more. Time for lessons maybe??? Maybe hit up Grant like Ole Bobby did !! Bob game has improved my friend. Keep the content coming !!

  19. I think my dad’s cousin, Ray Farmer, was the GM who drafted Johnny to the terribly run Browns.

  20. Silky Slim says:

    The Jet has to start using the camera stabiliser. Either that or the young man needs to get tested for Parkinson's disease. I mean what are we even doing here Jet 😂

  21. Eric Gleffe says:

    The jet is right, I've never heard it pronounced BO'chee cuts

  22. Max Crow says:

    Please give us a Joey breaking 100 series! Please!

  23. Will says:

    I say by the end of the year cold cuts will be bigger than F.P.

    Looks like he got a couple bakers dozen of cannolis. Joey, that's me calling you a fat fk. (;

  24. Nick Hill says:

    These guys just make me smile.

  25. Cutsy with his second near hole in one on BDS.

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