One More Time: WHAT'S THE PLAN, Donald Trump? | Guest: Jill Savage | 8/4/23

Steve, Todd, and Aaron are joined by BlazeTV contributor Jill Savage for the Deace Group to discuss what Donald Trump’s campaign and legal strategies are. The team also talks about Ron DeSantis’ appearance with Bret Baier on Fox News. In Hour Two, it’s another edition of Feedback Friday.

Steve Deace barely made it out of community college in one piece, and then loosely attended a real college for a while. The Steve Deace Show serves up principled conservatism with a snarky twist every weekday from 12-2 PM ET on BlazeTV.

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48 Replies to “One More Time: WHAT'S THE PLAN, Donald Trump? | Guest: Jill Savage | 8/4/23”

  1. Jim Summers says:

    The plan is …… a manhattan business man will continue snookering middle America until there wallets are empty

  2. I just heard Ben from the Meidas Touch playing your clip about the Trump cult and folks are proud of you.

  3. Wow this is insane.

  4. Im glad that maga fans are finally realizing they been used by a con artist

  5. Sue Tabler says:

    I will pay attention to my doctor no😅t an AH like this podcast

  6. Joe Kruper says:

    Stephen A Smith is the "Most Racist" person on television…..I cannot even watch ESPN when he is speaking.

  7. Mark Payne says:

    in life there comes the time when we all must have the moment of true clarity and when this happens the best thing to do is except it and be better.

  8. Josh Bazon says:

    Steve: The only plan the 45th President has is to steal money from his supporters in the Stop The Steal grift.

  9. Brian says:

    The plan is to become the Republican nominee even if it means destroying the Republican party, meanwhile delaying all his trials for the next 2 years, then become president, pardon himself and never allow another peaceful transfer of power while he is still alive.

  10. Hey guys, just popped in to ask how do you feel about owning the libs? Having fun yet? 😂 😂 😂

  11. I get confused watching you guys…. Do you think trump is innocent from any legitimate crimes he’s charged with?

  12. Remember Deborah in Judges, and the cowardly men of her time.

  13. runpny says:

    Trump will be convicted in DC. He will lose on Appeal in DC. His only hope is his picks to SCOTUS.

  14. "I've seen this weather pattern before." Exactly!

    Trump is Tumnus in Chronicles of Narnia, while pretending to be bullish Santa Claus. He's a piper with a siren swan song waiting to become a victim and haul others down with him – and the enemy is, as we all know, more real than he is. (Remember Tumnus was played in 2005 by the man who went on to play Professor Xavier, the secularist savior in the X-men Franchise, direct heir of Patrick Stewart who was ideal for the role but who has aged beyond cultural competency apparently!). It is secular humanism. It is its demise. It is untenable. On its own, it does not hold. The center of secular humanism is a fake, it will not prove true or strong to real scrutiny. Instead it hides in narrative (it mirror-projects while persecuting its detractors as doing such). So I continue with my true analogy:

    I saw Trump holding an umbrella as he emerged from a car, heading into trial. He held it deliberately with his poised left hand, and its hook was right over his big gut. Tumnus, the 20th century secularism goat-man pretending to be on the side of good, hiding from the light of the Sun by the umbrella of secular dance of hypocrisy, and on the way to being turned into a dead immobile voiceless victim-statue in a frozen & lifeless land, by a political queen (borg, of darwinian-posthumanist-bioethical array of excuses at the UNo Level and Rockefeller-like amount of pride!) with powers of censorious, propagandistic imagination-control on the collegiate level, and high-stakes all-or-nothing pretenses about the scientistic fantasy future of all biology and ownership structures!

    He thought, juxtaposed with this array of world-dominating illusions, he could stand poised in the center of everything, and play hero of the voiceless masses after beating back everyone else with Bart Simpson level WWE-macho trash talk – to illustrate how he sides with the secularists rather than the biblical thinkers (to put not too fine a point on it!). Yet when he provoked the hornets nest to the left of Bill Clinton Model 1992, he did not mirror that by brainstorming WITH those to the Right of himself – even when they began falling prey while supporting him or in a branch of the same worldwide pro-Bill-Of-Rights movement.) No! Rather he campaigned AGAINST THEM (trying to install people like Oz instead of better people with more support already in the lead among his own base!).

    Trump is a secularist. And rather, ahem, "COMMITTED." And he is not following his base. He is convincing the base to aquiesce to center-left secularism, I believe. But palatable enough so that it seems tolerable, workable, secularly respectable, AND MACHO STRONG. But it isn't. It's a show. Secularism has NEVER stood on its own without becoming full-on Darwinian-Socialist totalitarianism. Yes, Trump held up the Bible – but does he really support it when he undermines the candidates that are closer to it than he is??!! By calling them "DeSanctimonius" and trying to undermine them in governors races (etc) nationwide?

    No, winter has not melted into spring, yet. It almost did. 2019.
    1945 and 2019 function like bookends to a world-spanning era, in the shadow of Nuremburg's shaming of Hitler's anti-biblical antisemitism. In the shadow of christianized American prosperity & securing of worldwide shipping and supply practices. The world quadrupled in population – more than any millennium or 1000 Years in history. Healthy. Stabilizing. (But that is not how the UNO and CCP and CCCP saw it! They craved social darwinian liquidations, almost like a natural predator would – if it had a human brain to calculate with!)

    The Abraham Accords (Netanyahu's plan that Trump sat on for a few years then lead) were great and full of momentum into 2021, and minority prosperity in USA and elsewhere, along with unlocked abundance of US energy reserves accessible to the average American, and Mexico honoring its border agreements, and Putin held in detante with Ukraine still a breadbasket, and no creature from Wuhan and jabs and small-business lock-SHUT downs, and the Fed not so far along in its hyperinflation because oil and work were up and backing the value of the dollar economy internationally – so the Pax Americana shipping was still robust and manufacturing proceeding.

    But now, Trump stands poised, hooked by the umbrella he carries with his own left arm (handed to him by secularists), gutted for the leftists to feast upon by the hook he carries, using the umbrella to hide himself from the sunlight of those individual men to the Right of himself who are superior to him in almost every way (as christians, honest thinkers, strategists, honest brokers). He is being circled & imprisoned by the evil Queen who wants only winter without Christmas, and the Sons of Adam & Daughters of Eve (Aslan-speak, C. S. Lewis) will suffer because of his over-hyped pretentious hero-symbolism.

    Rather than simply take DeSantis up on his offer of protection from extradition (did I hear that right?) he continues to call him "DeSanctimonius" while the hornet hive he provoked is threatening him with jail and his biblical-christian base with worse. Meanwhile, the CCP (militarized anti-monotheist) Dragon that he was locked in a quasi-struggle session with along with the rest of the world – is still its collectivist self, unashamed of its ways. Revelation 20:7-9 may be 2019 – the present. I thought it plainly evident that MANY would see this clearly. Instead, we're distracted by the Trump As Hero Games while others TRY to prep the CBDC tiered-inflation matrix of Augmented Reality Labeling & Categorizing.

  15. You really think that the target is the whole, don't you? Trump really did a good job at pounding this idea into your heads, so that he can continue being Donald Trump. That he did well.

  16. Justin Kase says:

    I don't know how you guys keep hope for ANY political solution. America is over. I'm inly in politics now for increased polarization and radicalization of my side. We need to become radical. We need national divorce.

  17. Lyte Lime says:

    Steve, why do you refer to “MAGA World” as they? You are MAGA World. You talk about a fake stolen election. A fake Deep State out to get Trump. You voted for him every time he’s been on the ballot. You categorize leftist politics as demonic. Hell, you’ve single-handedly started the next conspiracy that Democrats are trying to steal the next election. Not the truth that democratic and republican appointed attorneys are prosecuting a man based on several laws he’s believed to have broken. No buddy, you are MAGA!!!

  18. Catherine K says:

    Steve Deuce Trump will never be president as long he is glorified more than God by his followers. Right wingers will be in the wilderness for a very long time.

  19. Garp Funkel says:

    Well, it's your own fault that Trump is the only plan. You guys supported a criminal maniac for 7 years. We pointed out the crimes and you laughed. The law and evidence doesn't care about opinions or feelings. You created this cult and now you can't control it. You destroyed your own party for a blatant con man. We all warned you. Now there's all this whining and crying from the right.

  20. Desantis only cares about Israel

  21. Erika Erika says:


  22. Erika Erika says:

    Well at least trump make uo will match his new outfit❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ we love u 😊 …..

  23. Alot of salty people in this comment section. One guy has like ten separate comments on how much he hates Deace and this show. Lol
    When the pampers are not being changed the babies start crying and getting diaper rash; especially the Trump cult. I don't even agree with everything Deace is saying in his shows, especially regarding Desantis, but to see his detractors behaving like this is quite telling.
    I like folks like Deace because they're critically thinking even though I don't always agree with what he says along with his crew. I can work with and countenance people like them. What I refuse to accommodate are folks throughout this comment section who are so far gone on the Right. It's pathetic to watch. Even saw one guy say to "get over Covid." The Right is not serious in any way.

  24. I applaud you as always Steve for being willing to say the things others are not. I had a CRTV account that turned into the Blaze when they bought it out and I stuck around because I enjoyed your show and was a fan of levin at that time before he sold out to Fox. I left Blaze because of their terrible customer service and the fact that most of the shows didn't really appeal to me. You almost talked me into coming back until Glenn Beck congratulated dave rubin and his friend on their desecration after they rented some woman's womb. Some actions are just automatic disqualifiers for me, but that's a personal decision.

    I'm not down on your colleagues though and I do peek in if it looks like they have something interesting to say. I have been kind of monitoring the response to the Trump indictments and you are correct. You seem to be the only one asking how the math works, how a guy independents didn't like before he was dirtied up can get those millions of voters over to his side as he spends his time between rally's in a courtroom somewhere spending campaign contributions on lawyers who quite frankly don't strike me as being "the very best people." This is especially true of your colleagues at The Blaze. I watched an interview Beck had with Allan Dershowitz and they talked about how Trump can win it on appeal, basically conceding he is going to lose. Beyond sounding like they are in a time-warp, making arguments that may have applied twenty years ago, they didn't even touch the subject of how he could win an election. Same thing with your friend Sara Gonzalez. She has these guests on who go on and on about how unfair it all is and how the polls show Trump winning the primaries in a landslide and then how he will crush whoever the democrats run against him because…well, it gets a bit thin when you get into the how. I have no idea what they think over at the Daily Wire because outside of an occasional Matt Walsh video I have no interest in what their commentators have to say on pretty much anything. But again, that's just me.

    I guess my point is, you are right. People don't want to ask insightful questions or offer meaningful analysis. Gotta feed the kids and pay the mortgage I guess. I get that. I was there, working in an industry that ground me down one inch at a time until finally I had enough money put away to do the things I wanted and was able to tell them to go F themselves, in a polite way of course. I wouldn't give em the satisfaction of a food fight on the way out. Like MacArthur's old soldier, I just faded away. Does it disappoint me that your colleagues won't go beyond how unfair the world of 2023 is? To a degree I guess, but it doesn't surprise me. I have watched the conservative movement, if that's what it is, go into a free-fall since the days of the Tea Party grift. I have a senator who is one of the largest recipients of the grift and I have seen guys like Ted Cruz, who I had real respect and hope for, get neutered by Trump's steamroller and become just another guy with a beard.

    Keep fighting the good fight Steve. I know it's lonely out there but as Sparky Anderson once said: "Integrity is the one thing you are born with that no one can ever take from you. If you lose it, it's because you gave it away.

  25. Im done with Trump which is the only reason I watch this program

  26. Steve lets both Bet 10K even money Trump never goes to Prison lets do this LOSER.

  27. Steve is backed by BLACKROCK VANGUARD just like Cortes and DESOROS all Shills for the ESTABLISHMENT

  28. God Bless Governor Ron DeSantis. And God Bless President Donald Trump as well. But we need a 2nd option, as in DeSantis, just in case the evilness in our government takes out Trump with these nonsense politically driven indictments. Because we all know that if Trump was not running none of this against him right now would be happening. This government today is a joke and pathetic and we need a real true leader very badly right now.🙏🏻🇺🇸

  29. 1773 boston tea party protest over 2% tax from england , 1776 revolutionary war . Present day taxes over 50% forced vaccinations , justice departments coming after you for political standing . nothing will change my mind Biden 10,000,000 more votes than obama and trump had more votes than last time no way i will ever buy that a person who could never draw 10 people in a rally won an election running from a basement . and the sounds we hear are squeak , squeak unless of course you are a liberal . My how the mighty country built with real men and women have fallen , No i will not vote for trump because of his support for the jab even still and would not lift a finger to help those who stood for him january 6 . I no longer believe in our election process .

  30. You Got paid just like your buddies Cortes and Desoros





  35. Debra Moore says:

    Someday we will learn that the Desantis campaign was strangled in the crib by undercover democrat operative staff.

  36. Shawn Fynn says:

    @29:31 Deace tells the Trumpsters, "You're quoting polls, they're putting things and pieces into place that will make polls extremely irrelevant. It doesn't matter what the latest Trump polls are, ..IF he's not even on a ballot."

    So there you have it MAGA world. Have you even thought about that?


  37. Boob Azz says:

    People can do and think what they want. This is the reason the right will lose the election. They are trying to convince people that the way to 2024 is going to happen. It's not wake up and get in the middle of the road.

  38. LoL @ 13:12 Strong opinions on shit that doesn't really matter… hypocrisy there.

  39. Marinus Hook says:

    The Steve Deaceantice show

  40. You really cant let go of covid can you ? The truth is people have moved on

  41. David Liu says:

    I hope he does take a plea deal so we can end this charade and everyone get behind Desantis and win the election. Then Desantis can actually dismantle the Dee state and President Trump can retire as a free man in his 80s and enjoy his life and legacy for what he has done for the country. The unwillingness to let go of power is a sickness and it’s on both sides. It’s time for Trump to step back. Desantis can take what he started and see it through and if needed pardon Trump outright

  42. MasterMind says:

    I dont live in US, I live in Kosovo where Real Americans both reps and dems (under bill clinton) saved 2 million people 24 years ago from a genocide. I'd say im purple pilled, like dead center politically, but you have earned my respect sir, you admitting that people treating trump like jesus is indeed a cult, but that statement proves you were not money driven like many right wing hosts, your belief was sincere and i respect that, but despite the perv guliani admiting about lying you really choosed the wrong guy to call him jesus, a corrupt businessman a perv who sees his daughter w diff eyes, and russian agent, lets say all mueller words were bullshit, the fact that he went to russia multiple times and his son had meetings w russian agents in his office, and the fact that he was about to build a huge building there, slept in hotels there while he was holding his world miss whatever it was, you really think russians wouldnt blackmail him at their own turf? like why dont you ever ask yourself why exactly trump decided he is the guy who wants to "save" America. I actually believe majority of rep voters are good people but also very very very easily manipulated. You can brainwash them with a single image on facebok, thats what i honesly believe. To make the long story short, yup dems are corrupt, do i believe they drink childrens blood? no, do i believe they are traitors to America in terms of russia and china? Hell no. While I see majority of rep officials as manipulators of their sincere voters, traitors, have links w russia, and are corrupt. So In politics you always have to choose who is less evil, and if we leave the "trans' and other social issues, dems are actually 100000x better than reps in terms of being patriotic, i mean just look at some voters saying theyd rather vote putin than biden, look at trump who wanted to get out of nato but couldnt, wanted putin back to g7 but couldnt, see reps blocking major dem initiatives that would help the ordinary folks, you see what they did do mr McCain, yes it is a cult, and its a scary cult, cuz theres no turning back, social media have already done their job. On youtube you have a ton of videos of russians admiting that they were active on comments sections of every newspaper website and social media, (while getting paid by their own state to make comments in english/wondering why?) theh were leavign comments (as "americans") that would make people vote for trump. Idk what the future holds sincere to god but i sincerely believe America would be better w dems in charge. And if these cult people wanna believe that dems drink childrens blood, fauci (even tho he lied and updated his lies in timely manner) he did not inject chips inside people, like wtf, rep voters have gone crazy and they actually consider a corrupt filthy deciever as jesus. Hope yall get well brothers and sisters. I wish to see the unity of US that was 20 years ago. And fuck russians and chinese, fuck communists and fascists, fuck the far left and far right. Meet in the middle, protect America!! Trans and other garbage can easily be regulated but thats a minor issue, compare to US being a world leader, compare to nato, compare to healthcare of us citizens. Yall have enough money to fix all that. Stay in the middle!! And lastly, thank you to America and to every hero that came here to save my life. World needs America, not just americans. World needs a good cop. World needs America. God bless you all.

  43. MIKE RUDD says:

    Todays "doctors" for the MOST part..are NOT highly educated. They spend more in training for indoctrination. They do NOT learn how to heal.

  44. You all must have been brought up on Limbaugh and Coulter, and are too young to remember when anyone who didn't vote Republican wasn't automatically demonized. You have no idea how many non-Repubicans (including many, many Democrats) actually agree with conservative policies but will never again vote Republican on account of your rhetoric. You have no idea how many deeply religious people will never vote Republican (again) because they hear lines like you literally said: "…what they spew is the doctrine of demons". That's a terrible shame. You don't know me but right out of the gate you would consider me "demonic" when you have no idea how deeply I worship the same God (presumably) as you do. No idea. But the Limbaughs and the Coulters and the Trumpers made name-calling not only acceptable but expected. It wasn't that long ago that the parties disagreed on some things but worked together on others, and all of the name-calling and outright demonizing was too undignified for serious policy makers and even pundits. Your party is merely reaping what you've sown by spending so many years giggling and cheering on hateful people.

  45. shane wilson says:

    I hate to say it, but I believe it is the deep state’s plan to attack Trump with all these fake indictments is to cause sympathy so that he WILL get the GOP nomination. Then, when that happens a court controlled by the Deep State will “find him guilty” of something and declare him ineligible to run. Or, if he is able to run they simply believe the false narrative they themselves fabricated will be enough to keep the necessary swing voters away in PA, AZ, WI,& MI, preventing him from winning against their hand picked candidate, which most likely will be Gretchen Witchmer, Gavin Newsomlini, or Mike Obama. The steal is on once again, but in a different way this time.

    I think the one they really fear is Ron. There is not really much there for the Left to exploit beyond strong leadership and conservative principles. All he has done in Florida is win, win, win with conservative principles and has stood up to evil wokeism better than anyone. I do not understand why Trump feels the need to attack him, even before he declared. It’s a bad look, making him appear childish and insecure. If he’s so ahead in the polls or is such a better candidate, why the need to insult a man that has done SO much good in our third most populous state? In fact, he should compliment him instead! This would make him look like the mature, elder statesman committed to the very values that made America the great nation it used to be.

    Trump has also attacked our excellent governor Reynolds here in Iowa for simply not publicly endorsing him. (She hasn’t endorsed anyone yet) Demanding loyalty like that sounds more like a personality cult, not true conservatism.

    We true constitutionalists are not bound to a person, but to principles, policies, and ideas. The person that best follows these principles, gets our vote in the primaries. If they don’t, they won’t. End of story.

    I believe the first three years of Trump’s presidency were some of the best leadership shown by a president in American history, but he needs to come clean about the disastrous “poisonous poke” and quit saying that he celebrates with the LGBTQ community during “pride month,” among other things.

    If he does somehow become the GOP candidate, of course we will vote for him against the American Marxists. I can only hope all the MAGA Republicans will do the same should DeSantis be the last man standing after primary season.

    Trump did much good as president and I for one believe with everything in me that the 2020 election was indeed stolen from him. I feel for him as these deranged attacks continue from all sides. Two false impeachments weren’t enough, and I’m afraid the fake accusations from the Leftist Deep State will never stop as long as he is a threat to them and their One World Marxist agenda. But I also think what I wrote here today reflects the feelings of a whole lot of conservative, Christian voters, and I for one will support Ron DeSantis at the Iowa Caucus.

  46. Rob Thomas says:

    God is in control

    God is behind Trump

    as well as Biden and DeSantis …

    and Pfizer, Ukraine, Antifa, Elon, Dominion, puberty blockers, aliens (human or otherwise)…

    If we were instructed to "love our enemies" <– how should we be treating our Brothers??

    Do you read your comment section?

    Welcome to Jacob's Trouble ~ Jer 30:6

    Six things God hates – how about a seventh?

    We are at war with our maker

    Fear God, and only God!!!

    God is in control

  47. Colby Brown says:

    Why are we still even talking about DeSantis? Vivek is 1000x better than a guy who let the establishment run his campaign.

  48. there is a threat to democracy that is why i am voting blue in 2024

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