Just In Case You Didn't Like The Fortnite CREW Orin Skin… The OG Orin Returns!

Which is better? Hmm..

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27 Replies to “Just In Case You Didn't Like The Fortnite CREW Orin Skin… The OG Orin Returns!”

  1. IRISnGEN says:

    Animals, including pigs, horses, and even insects, could be tried and convicted of crimes for several centuries across many parts of Europe


  3. Nafis. says:

    Tabor you should try out a little test to find the fastest vehicle emote (traversal but you ride on something) I thought it was Lil Bounce at first, but the terminator truck one appears faster. Would be interesting maybe

  4. C N says:

    Oh man, I have spiderknight, the bundle would only be 200 for the rest… that's tempting

  5. I would like the original skin if you could turn cell shading off

  6. Sockla73 says:

    One of the best item shops

  7. The crew skins should have been cel shaded like because both of there original skins were

  8. Tom Andrews says:

    I'm waiting for the Dragon Ball skins to return as I really want Goku Black.

  9. Day 130 of asking tabor and his family to do the one chip challenge.

  10. Even the kid laroi return
    Where tf is travis😭

  11. The ramkwiza says:


  12. LAYTONIC says:

    And what if you don't like any of those skins???

  13. Dogcat says:


  14. Party trooper is back yes , but where are his 2 other styles?

  15. KayTheBozo says:

    I bout the skin and can't get the new one? How dumb

  16. Pigkigpig says:

    I’m super surprised that Orin came out as I just did a tweet for my birthday hoping it would be out today

  17. Funny Gamer says:

    I think the special offers are still there because they are robots

  18. Mama Llama says:

    I wonder if there is a concert coming this weekend, with the music packs back..? Hmm I like the new Crew better!

  19. Billythe KID says:

    I'm just STILL WAITING for the new Galaxy stuff.. i only got to play 2 of the 7 matches and i got 45 points in those 2 matches.. I'm. So mad that i didn't get to play all 7..i would have got the skin easily but now i have to wait .. and wait some more.. the tourney was 4 days ago.. Whats taking them forever to release it? Blah.. 🤨😒

  20. I hope things are getting better in the Tabor Household, ❤❤❤

  21. Hey Tabor how are you doing

  22. Sucky Gamer says:

    all we need now is lexa.
    but that guy is good

  23. mms_axolotl says:

    use code tabor-time

  24. YaBoyUchiha says:

    stay safe my man your the best

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