Justin Rose’s ball and lanyard drill

Justin Rose demonstrates how he uses a ball and lanyard to work on his body turns.

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24 Replies to “Justin Rose’s ball and lanyard drill”

  1. mrcali68 says:

    Great clip but unnecessary music.

  2. How the heck did he have the lanyard attached to the ball?! Lol

  3. Airport49 says:

    Who make that ball he is using?

  4. D Lenny says:

    Harry Higgs in the background dressed like a 20 hcap truck driver. Legend

  5. I cup a ball to improve my stroke

  6. kimchee411 says:

    First thing the first instructor I ever saw did was tie a cloth around my upper arms to keep them together.

  7. Hardcore Harry Higgs in the grinding in the background.

  8. Winslow Lord says:

    Ben Hogan covered this concept in Modern Fundamentals of Golf pages 81-83. Great looking training aid.

  9. IS there any special shop where to buy this training aid?

  10. Koshiz Music says:

    Helps with tempo too, I'm sure

  11. Man you suck lately.

  12. John Villano says:

    i use one of my old 15lb bowling balls for this drill on a chain

  13. The7531 says:

    Lol he’s trying to fix the exact problems i have (body rotation, club face rotation)

  14. 1:50 – Damn, even that little quarter swing he makes is so pure. Goals.

  15. M P says:

    People should check out this video. She posted it September 4th 2019..

    Watch "Revelation 12 tells us that the Rapture will be in 2020" on YouTube

  16. What’s dat.. I want one.

  17. Great tip cheers Justin.

  18. amirul azmil says:

    Guys with big chest like me will not be able to perform this training aid 🙁

  19. Richard Kent says:

    Also you can use the lanyard alone attached to a glove under your right armpit to keep right arm in the correct position

  20. Ken Beattie says:

    That looks like a excellent drill to help hit the ball solid. Helps you keep the arms closer to your body. Makes sense to me…🏌️‍♂️

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