LA State Trooper finds BODY in trunk | xQc Reacts

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39 Replies to “LA State Trooper finds BODY in trunk | xQc Reacts”

  1. "i just hit him" with what? Those chicken arms?

  2. Mochi says:

    holy shit he really went to not even saying a single word these days

  3. 13:51 im from a different culture, why black people wear that thing on their head in the USA?

  4. the cops RINGTONE kicked in when they found the body lmao

  5. ryan miller says:

    Calling the black men Boys is crazy racist 1728

  6. MightNight says:

    stop pausing mr.strimmer

  7. Andrei Naf says:

    Damn using the subscribe button as a censor bar for the body, very creative marketing 🤔

  8. Will Knapp says:

    I see what happened now. The random black dude that pulled up thought that THIS kid was "Michael", so the kid just ran with it and impersonated "Michael". Michael however is the dead kid. Im presuming Michael and whoever tf this kid look kinda similar, but the random black dude must've never seen him before. He just saw the car and the kid out here and assumed.

  9. John Six says:

    I don't care about the video I just came to see X react. He's so cool. ❄

  10. 27:19 – The way chat sped up 5x after the officer's question is insane

  11. Bruce Norton says:

    The best option for that guy was too run you got 3 fat cops what are they finna do💀

  12. L R says:

    You know you are fucked when you get arrested by a guy named Mr. Chad

  13. I live very close to this Aware

  14. Chat saying the cop is racist for calling a black male “boy”. He’s looks 19, he is a boy

  15. imagine getting killed and stuffed into a truck and your dead body turns into a youtube subscribe plug with music

  16. Matthew Chau says:

    Moral of the story: don't speed 18 over the speed limit

  17. Kyvian says:

    It usually doesn’t feel as real whenever you see it happen in some faraway state or in a different country, but when something like this happens close to where you live it feels so much different. Good job to these officers! 🫡

  18. JP says:

    Scholars , always them isn't?

  19. Azan viewers be like “IS IT CAUSE HE DARK?”

  20. XPENA says:

    The subscribe icon popping up during the censoring is insane lol

  21. this sounds some crackhead talking for 11yr olds lol

  22. It took way to long for the cops to find out what was going on. The moment they saw the bullet holes in the car and that the person who owned the car is missing they should have known immedietely he murdered him. Who is training these guys? Cops will arrest law abiding citizens over non crimes but will hesitate to arrest actual criminals? Insane.

  23. Why would he even pull over in the first place if he had a dead body? That's like me robbing a bank and pulling over at the first sign of the law. You have to weigh the risk of the crime with the reward. This guy killed someone with no personal benefit to himself and in return he will be given life in prison because he was caught red handed. Good criminals don't kill they steal from the top and don't attack those at the bottom.

  24. Hislo says:

    Haven’t posted it yet though

  25. Hislo says:

    I reacted to this before you

  26. Slow down bro FFS! 😂

  27. yGxanlu- says:

    Sprich deutsch du Bannenbieger

  28. JimmyJ3NKN5 says:

    Perfect copcam hope he got a promotion

  29. broccoli says:

    guy put captions over bodycam footage and felt it worthy of his watermark lmao

  30. 6:06 sounds like a 22 cal.

  31. Oalkie says:

    How many dead bodies in a car do you think have driven past you in your entire life?

  32. chuck says:

    And he's black imagine my shock

  33. Das Walross says:

    Good to see he isn't letting Muta bully him into stopping reaction content

  34. bigfloppa says:

    He a gud boa, didn do nothin.

  35. Lupuchs says:

    Talentless xqc at it again, 1 video at a time. Take your L reaction with your L twitter takes

  36. user1 says:

    Lesson: if u got a body in the trunk, don't be speeding

  37. 3:46 actually valid take. When a cop pulls someone over, they have absolutely no idea about this person. This random pull-over for speeding could have a dead body in the trunk. It could be a drug trafficker. They have no idea who it is they just pulled over, or how extreme this situation is to the person they pulled over. The cop sees it as a speeding ticket, the pulled-over person sees it as a possible life behind bars pullover. Completely different worlds they're seeing.

  38. The amount of criminals that get caught because they were speeding is unreal. They can't even bother to drive the speed limit with a literal dead body in the trunk lmao

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