The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the LIV Golf has more drama on the table!

The Breakaway Tour has controversies that don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. And this time, things are getting heated within their own house!

From another Greg Norman ridiculous statement to players disagreeing over the Tour’s event schedules, we’ll look at all the latest LIV controversies. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

In today’s video we look at LATEST LIV DRAMA AFTER MASTERS!…Keep watching to see (Rapid tags keywords in paragraph)

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  1. I watch LIV and PGA all the time. I don’t know why you say things like “it was nice to see them again”. The tournaments have been available on the app live and in replay since day 1. I stream it to my 65” from my phone if I’m home and now also on CW.
    Greg’s remark about suffering was a reference to the point system which you mentioned later as well as being excluded from some majors.
    I really enjoy the format. Shotgun start is an awesome way to get the day off to a great start and it’s over in around 5 hours. When I watched the masters there were 6 hours of tee times! Of course there are more players but still it makes the day too long as a viewer. The other problem that has always frustrated me as a PGA viewer is the coverage jumps around between 2-3 tv channels during a single day.

  2. Liv is a totally different than the PGA. It's wimpy golf. No cut and 54 holes. They walked away deal with it.

  3. Don Dwyer says:

    I live five miles from Tucson Liv tournament . Could of attended for free. Did not go. I really feel I did not .Miss anything. One man's opinion.

  4. I tried to watch LIV on CW… 1) the causal dress code takes away the pro look and make the players look more like any other golfer on my local golf course, Why would I want to watch that on TV!?. 2) as soon as you turn on the channel you can see that the format is very different that the PGA, it gives the filling that you don't know/understand the game which makes it hard to watch. 3) The graphs on the broadcast with the multi-neon-colors and the non-stop scroll is way too much. I had a headache 10 minutes after turning to the broadcast and had to change the channel after forcing myself to watch for maybe another 10 minutes.

  5. MJAC says:

    Thanks for the update. Good work!! The competion on the course is improved as well as at the bottom line for everybody by LIV golf!

  6. If the masters was 54 holes Brooks was the man
    Doesn't look like they can go 72 holes anymore. Enjoy your blood money hacks. Look forward to not watching liv golfers

  7. MXP says:

    I love liv drama i refresh youtube everyday wanting something new

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