Life's better when you're fat. Josh Sneed – Full Special

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32 Replies to “Life's better when you're fat. Josh Sneed – Full Special”

  1. krakennvlyat says:

    Josh’s Feed And Seed
    Formerly Chuck’s

  2. He looks like a chubby, black-haired Mike Pence.

  3. That bit about Long John Silver's crumbs made me giggle…we've been doing that in the UK for forever! We call them 'scraps'. Sometimes people sprinkle them on top of their curry sauce or mushy peas for extra crunchiness, like croutons. They're also a great distraction for seagulls on the beach, stops them from trying to nick the fish and chips out of your bare hands. They used to give them out for free here, sometimes they still do, depends where you go. Do you have those weird little wooden forks in the US? We only ever use them for fish and chips, it's kinda weird.

  4. PeaceChanel says:

    .. Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ ☮ ❤🕊

  5. Today is May 1st, 2023, and this is my 3rd time watching this over the 3 years since it first came out.

  6. Didn't know ryan gosling was so funny

  7. Reena Chesla says:

    You are so hilarious!! 😂 Every rhing you say is totally spot on and true and hilarious!

  8. susan howie says:

    This guy is nonstop funny

  9. Why can't you hit the like button multiple times? I watch this weekly and love it every time ❤️ 💙 💜

  10. M.J. says:

    Tarter sauce

  11. I have to admit I've watched this set at least 10 times and I always die laughing like it's my first time hearing it!!

  12. Laura McCall says:

    His story telling and delivery are like buttered mashed potatoes ❤

  13. Ok … Hilarious. We've watched this so many times we quote it everyday. Josh Sneed needs another dry bar special.

  14. HiYa Pal says:

    18:12 When I worked at Long John Silver's, I was actually taught to sprinkle extra dough into the oil to cook for the people that actually buy the "ccrumbles. I was very surprised. But, it's actually true. And it's actually higher than ten cents, lol.

  15. C V says:

    What happened to the beginning? Why was it shortened to the crossing arms joke? I remember there being more in the beginning.

  16. Watching this show i got an Amish commercial

  17. Chiliboom says:

    Everything I've ever heard from Josh has been great. What a killer

  18. I swear this is my favorite comedy special OF ALL TIME, I've watched it like 6-7 times already, I know these jokes by heart and randomly laugh at them in public! And I've been following dozens of stand-up comedians for around 15 years now! Your jokes are priceless, Josh, keep it up!!

  19. I love DryBar and Josh Sneed is one of my favorites on here. His delivery and observations are spot on. 🙂

  20. Tara Burrows says:

    I wish I could find more of this guy's stand up… he's HILARIOUS!!!!

  21. He’s right…. I’m not actually there drunk so I’m struggling to laugh here unfortunately

  22. Golbez says:

    i havent gone to the taco bell next to my house since i kept getting gordida shells instead of chalupa shells… after the tenth time i was like enough is enough…

  23. Golbez says:

    i love this channel but does anyone else find it a little annoying when they play a preview at the beginning of the video only to hear the same joke like one minute later?

  24. M Oz says:

    Formerly Josh Sneed

  25. Linda R says:

    This was so funny 😂

  26. AmberMac says:

    Haha!! I need a QuitBit!! 😂😂😂

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