LONG IRON SWING vs HYBRID SWING (what is the difference?)

In this video I will talk about some key differences with the hybrid and long irons and some simple techniques to help you utilize these clubs more. If you struggle with those longer shots in to par 3s , par 4s and even par 5s then this may give you some insight on how to improve your confidence.

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36 Replies to “LONG IRON SWING vs HYBRID SWING (what is the difference?)”

  1. Enjoyed those tips how fast was your club head speed, and at what speed should you give up on the 3 iron thanks

  2. Late to the party but great info JKM. I have the opposite issue where my long irons are fairly solid but struggle with the 3 hybrid (overall contact and inconsistent ball path). Your tip with trying to still hit down on the hybrids and allowing the anatomy of the club face do the work is spot on.

  3. Dena Chea says:

    Your tip’s definitely work!!

  4. Maria D says:

    Love this channel! No gimmicks and just pure, simple and accurate information and instruction. Keep up the great videos.

  5. Great explanation! Do you believe hybrids are helping amateurs in general? Have you considered to do a video comparing the use of a hybrid vs fairway woods? Hitting the 3 wood for example, is the most difficult for me. Thanks for the great videos!

  6. Hercule M says:

    Hi, Jonathan,
    Thanks for your vidéos that help me a lot.
    Will you be so kind to show us the most important moves in slow motion.
    Many thanks

  7. Richard S says:

    Which Golf Tec do you teach at?

  8. zx7m3 says:

    Is there any change in ball position or swing technique when hitting short iron hybrids (e.g. 7. 8, 9, PW)?

  9. shaggydog j says:

    Would a windy day influence your decision to put the 3-iron in your bag instead of the hybrid?

  10. Scott Cook says:

    Do you have any tips for a person who constantly chunks long irons?

  11. Chris White says:

    Oh I need this. I never knew that the ball position for both should be a half ball forward from a 7-iron. Again thank you Jonathan.

  12. Iversonwings says:

    Thank you for this info.

  13. Great instruction. Thanks so much Jonathan

  14. This instructor is outstanding! Since finding him few days ago, have not been able to stop watching. ❤

  15. Kent Hanna says:

    When I think of trying to brush the ball off the deck with my hybrids it means doom.

  16. RON MICALLEF says:

    I worked as a technical trainer for many years. Johnathan you have a great talent to explain a procedure in detail and maintain audience attention for the duration.You should come over to Australia we have heaps of grass for you to produce divots.Thankyou Ron

  17. Eddy OUY says:

    Ikut nyimaj terimakasih

  18. Great Knowledge of the swing !! Keep it up JKM !!

  19. I will second that , his teaching is very easy on the brain specially at my age 65 I don't need over technical instruction

  20. Pit says:

    Can you show us how to hit down lightly, medium and hard?

  21. MooseLobstah says:

    I’ve been taking lessons for a while and theyve been super helpful but it wasn’t all coming together and clicking on the course; til I started applying some of your teachings from these vids! Dude it’s insane how much cleaner I’m striking it. Thanks so much bro

  22. SeniorSwing says:

    Best way to hit by them. Thnks!

  23. Denogginizer says:

    Jkm is the best, most detailed coach on yt.

  24. Marvin Tan says:

    Wait.. Did he just mentioned Singapore??

  25. Thank you so much!!! I think your video on the three wood and this video on the hybrid are two of the best videos I have ever watched. I probably watch 10 hours a week or more of golf videos. I am a lady golfer (68) and I am getting better every year. I usually score low 80's and periodically high 70's. Thank you again!!!

  26. Paul T says:

    And another one! Thanks JKM.

  27. Hemanth SN says:

    Great lesson 👍

  28. Mon Rivera says:

    Does hitting down also apply to woods off the fairway?

  29. Paul Lee says:

    Great detailed explanation Jonathan! I struggled with my 18 degree hibrid.. it tends to somewhat open at impact so the ball will fly straight 5 – 10 degree to the right. Ball position slightly forward at stand. Any suggestions?

  30. Henry Yang says:

    Summary : using #3 hybrid other than 3 iron : )

  31. The main thing that changes is the swing plane.

  32. tclaca says:

    you should include slow motion version of your swing so we can absorb what you are saying. Otherwise, just seeing your fast swing

  33. That was very good I enjoyed that

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