Macie Velediaz’s BEST discs for a beginner player!

Macie Velediaz takes us through the process of selecting discs for a beginner level player’s bag. She shares her expert insights and personal preferences as she walks us through each category of disc, from putters to distance drivers.

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Macie’s Top Recommendations:
Chris Clemons Dynamic Discs Culprits:
Dynamic Discs Emac Truths:
Dynamic Discs Supreme Escapes:
Kristin Tattar Latitude 64° Orbit Graces:

0:00 Intro
0:13 Deputy
0:30 Warden
0:39 Culprit
1:08 Tursas
1:30 Truth
1:49 Emac Truth
2:11 Supreme Escape
2:34 Maverick
2:53 Evader
3:10 Diamond
3:39 Sapphire
4:08 Grace
4:37 Trespass
5:02 Summary

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12 Replies to “Macie Velediaz’s BEST discs for a beginner player!”

  1. DJ2K says:

    I've been playing for 13 years (about 940 rated) and I bag a lot of these discs still. I carry multiples of Trespasses, Escapes, Emac Truths, and Wardens.

  2. Mark says:

    A true beginner has no business using a 10 or 11 speed over stable drivers. Beginners should start with slow speed under stable mid-range's and up to 7 speed fairway drivers.

  3. Mark Hill says:

    Great bag. Only addition I’d make is the Saint. It is a great disc for a beginner with its glide and allows the player to get great distance from either a standstill or x step approach.

  4. Josh Jackson says:

    I want that blue lucid Truth. Ive had 4 prime emac truths but never had one in premium plastic. My local store only has lucid emacs.

  5. Bob says:

    Lol Zack, I see you had a part in this video

  6. Feral Texan says:

    Lmao that a spd 10 disc is now a fairway drive

  7. Wil Materna says:

    Macie kicks ass!!!

  8. Great disc list. I've been playing just over a year and a half and throw most of her recommended discs. But it should also be noted that disc weight is important. I have a slower, weaker arm and I've found that I do better with lighter (mostly Opto / Lucid Air) discs. I highly recommend the Jade as something in between the Diamond and a light-weight Escape in terms of stability. It's my go-to for shorter, straight, calm-to-tailwind drives.

  9. How do I win this bag and discs haha. So glad you did a beginner video these discs are great. I throw a handful of these already wonderful disc choices here. Great video.

  10. Wow that’s almost my bag now. Except the Evader cause I think I got a bad one. Need another one to make sure.

    Good video

  11. Josh Baker says:

    Been playing for about 9 months or so and I have every disc Macie picked but the Warden. All of them are excellent discs and I couldn’t agree more with her selections. Great job!!!

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