This just became my FAVORITE golf course in the WORLD

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40 Replies to “This just became my FAVORITE golf course in the WORLD”

  1. I hate ranking things in the top 5 favorite courses in the world because once its that good youre just grasping for straws on why one is better than another but MAN Jacks Point is definitely in my top 3 favorite courses ever.

    UNREAL views out there on the front 9, very firm and fast greens making it possible to use the rolling hills on the greens for back stops or have your ball roll off the green if you get too close to the run offs. Course design was creative and fun, perfectly placed bunkers and fair test on tee shots and around the greens. I LOVED this place and hopefully you guys enjoyed the views in this video and hopefully get to play Jacks point one day!

    Cant wait to show yall the back 9!

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  2. Good-Goodness… That track is BEAUTIFUL.. Great Video Luke. Looking forward to all your NZ content. The quality you're producing is 2nd to none at this point. And as previous comments have stated, a New Zealand Good-Good week would be next level epic. Loved to see Tae and Bubby on teams in a 2v2 for some reason. 😂

  3. i love Kwon mimicking Taco 😂😂

  4. Joose Dotson says:

    I might have to make it out there and play, working for an airline has its perks!

  5. crak144 says:

    Those mountains definitely give the LOTR vibes.

  6. Rocksox94 says:

    The glasses perception thing is 100% a thing

  7. Casey Jones says:

    Great golf Luke!

  8. Tradd Raizes says:

    The production quality of your videos has been top notch lately. Really impressed with this one

  9. Callum Hayes says:

    Bruddah i love jacks point its de best

  10. Love you Kwon. Has your memory been affected since your brain injury?

  11. ShOrT RoUnD says:


  12. Jeff Lambeth says:

    Terrific content Kwon!!! Absolutely beautiful track and top quality competition 🤙 Your killin it

  13. Shayne Smith says:

    The content lately has been on another level. Great stuff, Luke

  14. yg garneau says:

    What a beautiful course

  15. Marc Rover says:

    Playing tennis is WAY harder with glasses as opposed to contacts. My depth-perception recognition (when my opponent returns my ball) is VERY slow.

  16. Marc Rover says:

    That place looks like Switzerland.

  17. That place doesn’t even look real😮

  18. Kyle says:

    Sorry to hear about the ulcer in your eye. I can relate, well I can't but my cat can. My cat was recently in a cone and on meds for a month because of a pretty bad corneal ulcer in his eye.

  19. Ray Morales says:

    You should get a commission from the NZ Office of Tourism for promoting these beautiful, otherworldly golf courses. New Zealand is magnificent. Thanks for doing this tour.

  20. Noodles says:

    Love Taco and his energy… new sub gained

  21. Steve Rimel says:

    Heading to NZ next year and would love to play that, or any course in NZ! Views were amazing! On On!

  22. poktangju says:

    wow place is amazing!!

  23. Get Taco in some good good vids

  24. Chad GGolf says:

    Bro the backdrop with the mountains while you’re putting is insane

  25. Rob Lindsey says:

    The mountains look so nice they look fake 👌🏻

  26. I've seen some beautiful courses on youtube but nothing like this one. It truly looks like a golf course dropped into the best nature painting ever

  27. tom morris says:

    Anyone know where Tae's Pullover is from – looks awesome!

  28. Luke that is one of the prettiest golf courses I have ever seen.

  29. Played it about 4 years ago it’s absolutely amazing and yes he’s right the camera doesn’t do it justice.

  30. Tae's swing is pure AF.

  31. Looks awesome. Would love to play there one day. Added to the bucket list 🙏🏼

  32. WVScotty says:

    Absolutely beautiful views!

  33. I played with glasses for 25 years. When I finally got my ICLs and went to the course, I realized that I had never had peripheral vision! It was a trip!

  34. Robert Tudor says:

    Cape Kidnappers ??

  35. Gaje Mccahon says:

    I know it’s easy when the location does majority of the work. However, the camera work is just beautiful. Previous vids are all the same. Just killing it. Videos are so, so nice to watch.

  36. Came for Luke, stayed for Tae

  37. Evers_MHVN says:

    Not suns out, guns out …

    Suns out, jumper off 🤣💪🏻

  38. Anyone got a link to Taco's jumper?

  39. Tu.T says:

    Love the energy bro. Also how genuinely amazed you are by the scenery.
    Bro, Tae's just quietly a funny guy..
    Looking forward to the rest of the series bro, kia ora.

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