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On today’s episode:

00:00 Intro
02:25 Joaquin Phoenix’s Napoleon Box Office Projections
11:22 Blue Beetle Doubles Opening Weekend Box Office Projections
22:36 Transformers GI Joe Crossover: Will It Actually Happen
34:03 Major Streaming Services To Start Bundling Says Report
48:24 Questions From Our Channel Members

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22 Replies to “Major Streaming Services To Start Bundling Says Report – The John Campea Show Podcast”

  1. Hungry Wolf says:

    They need to make the damn Disney/Hulu bundle yearly. I'm sick of paying monthly for that shit. I canceled it.

  2. Apple and Disney, Amazon and Paramount. You can include paramount in the Amazon bundle and Disney with the apple bundle. Now you have peacock and max which can partner with Netflix.

  3. Jay Patrol says:

    If you pay for them monthly its expensive but not Annually.
    I know alot of people won't get service Annually because they wouldn't want that long.
    To each his own

  4. HeretoWatch says:

    I have been waiting for streaming bundling for the last few years. I hate managing all the passwords and accounts. I like Max for the fact that 1 login gives me access to a lot of content.

    Even if the sum of streaming becomes the same as cable, it's still a better deal due to the catalog and on demand capability.

  5. Adrian says:

    I thought of this idea years ago. I even expressed it in the comment section of one of John's videos.

  6. Andrew Saba says:

    John calling Titanic a Disney film had me lolling. Disney contributed absolutely zero to the production of Titanic and the first Avatar.

  7. Let's Cock Mount and chill..

  8. Remember the days when most movies went straight to Netflix and everybody asked “hey when is Avengers is coming to Netflix?”

  9. I just recently cancelled my DIsney+ bundle with Hulu and ESPN because……..there wasn't anything good to watch on those platforms. I would continuously scroll looking for something to watch that was worth while so…..I just cancelled after only having it for ONE MONTH.

  10. disney prices going up

  11. I loved the 1st and 3rd season but wasn't a fan of season 2 of The Witcher

  12. ninja turtles in marvel universe today now yes are no

  13. ninja turtles in Disney today now yes are no

  14. ninja turtles in the mcu today now yes are no

  15. What I’d give to have Hulu just be on Disney Plus. Also Comcast should really be looking to make a deal with Netflix and just merging peacock with Netflix.

  16. king cotton says:

    @rayora nah you blaming Jim? He is playing the game be mad at Pam for not setting the boundaries. And she kissed him 1st and then tell Roy that Jim kissed her? Nah Pam is the monster

  17. In the same bent of the hilariously weird Transformer/GI Joe golf movie 😅 made me think John lives on a Golf Course in Bill Murray’s Caddyshack 😂. Do you have your own weed turf coffee table LOL & of course you do Transforming Golf club villain high 😆

  18. RJ J says:

    studios have their heads up their asses when it comes to fandom, cmon cobra commander in the first movie! was not good at all. you do the characters right and the fans will respect it

  19. RJ J says:

    i think ray is right about gi joe

  20. Adrian M. says:

    I definitely would be down for bundles. There are too many individual streamers and I can't afford them all individually.

  21. I heard About the Transformer GI Joe crossover years ago.

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