We need more of this on YouTube! #golf #brysondechambeau #philmickelson

30 Replies to “We need more of this on YouTube! #golf #brysondechambeau #philmickelson”

  1. Anthony says:

    Mickelson = degenerate gambler and I’m here for it lol

  2. Ignacio_K says:

    Another $1k added to his 1 billion total 😂

  3. It hilarious now knowing how big of a gambler he is

  4. thoeks14 says:

    Can someone decifer this briefly?

  5. bigrob966 says:

    Degenerate gambler.

  6. Recent news on his betting makes more sense now 😂

  7. You can count on phil to bet on his on matches😂😂😂

  8. Man drops like 100mil in his lifetime gambling, and his max on betting on his own game is $1k? That's like us regular Joe's playing for $10. Is he in some sort of recovery?

  9. Blah Blah says:

    When he says “a G” does he mean a billion like espn just said?

  10. adam braga says:

    I’ve heard stories of Phil playing for like $500k 😂

  11. Straight Cash homie🥸

  12. Bryan Z says:

    “What do you mean you haven’t thought about it…what were you thinking about?” 😂

  13. Oh phil just gamed tf outta brycey 😂

  14. Phil sounds like an arrogant ass !!😂

  15. Retsof says:

    phils addiction is crazy

  16. Z Schroer says:

    You'll never be able to convince me in a million years that Phil Mickelson has never played for more than 1 grand in a match behind the scenes. Dudes a true gambler lol

  17. Steve McVay says:

    Talk about a sub burn. Phil has been grinding!!!!

  18. noah cooke says:

    why is Phil wearing a Fallen logo polo. does my boy shred

  19. Stefan A says:

    When Phil is done with golf he needs to be an analyst for golf. He’s pure gold

  20. This video was the best golf content I’ve seen yet Phil is hilarious

  21. Keith O says:

    Straight cash hommie…shout out to Mr. MOSS!

  22. Where's the video of the match?

  23. Ian Steele says:

    “I don’t play for more than that” what a crock.

  24. Shredtred says:

    He's rocking the Fallen logo

  25. Phil showing his degenerate side… I dig it 😂

  26. Jim Gero says:

    This is how it's done at every golf "buisness meeting " around SoCal 1k per 9 and NO CASH APPS BULLSHIT !! straight cash homie

  27. Matt Boecker says:

    I love Phil acting so confused when Bryson says he didn’t think about what they’d wager. Lefty isn’t capable of playing a round if there’s not a risk on the line.

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