Making Leather Shoes: All the Steps Revealed

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We take you through our entire process of making shoes and reveal all the steps used in crafting our Classic Slip-Ons.

0:00 – Cutting and Punching Out the Leather Uppers
1:33 – Sewing the Leather Uppers
2:57 – Lasting the shoe
7:48 – Attaching the midsole
10:25 – Handsewing the Stichdown
12:29 – Making the footbed
13:19 – Attaching the outsole
14:46 – Sanding and Finishing
15:20 – Final Inspection
17:47 – Final Result

Youtube: @popovleather


15 Replies to “Making Leather Shoes: All the Steps Revealed”

  1. Julian Rivas says:

    Rerelease these plz

  2. Jahfus says:

    Very nice shoe (bespoke) 👞 awesome video 🔥🔥🔥

  3. K Sajak says:

    I'd love to review these! I need a nice pair of loafer type shoes to wear when I'm not in my hiking boots. Which is constantly. These would be such a relief! Looks like I gotta save up for a pair so I can get a review out there on my main channel for you guys. These look lovely! Awesome job!

  4. Steve R says:

    Looks like another great product

  5. John Clarke says:

    Your artisans are amazingly skilled. What a beautiful product!

  6. Seth V. says:

    I'd love a pair, but my feet are too wide

  7. How long does it take to make one pair

  8. Edie Bailey says:

    I’m anxiously waiting for my first Popov order to be delivered. When I saw these shoes on the website I wanted a pair soooooo bad! If my foot was larger I would have jumped on a pair. They are so simple, stylish, and sophisticated. Please make this same shoe available for the ladies!!

  9. Popov Leather you are my favourite company in the world. I received my A5 diary and I love it. Can’t wait to come to Canada and meet you.

  10. Beautiful craftsmanship.
    Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  11. Daniel Fisch says:

    This was very interesting. Nice to get a peek into the shop. Looking forward to getting myself a pair when the next batch is released. Keep up the good work, love your company’s products!

  12. I missed out on the first group but I'm on the waitlist for the next round. I struggled at first on the price point but after getting my trifold wallet and seeing this video I can understand the value so much more . Ron Murphy in Texas

  13. Great video- keep them coming!

  14. Wow, all hand made. I see why you took preorders and have limited stock. Thanks for the video!

  15. Joseph Tan says:

    Lovin’ my handmade shoes!!!

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