Play Like Rickie Fowler with GlobalGolf's UTry® and Demo Golf Clubs

Demoing the latest golf products has never been easier thanks to GlobalGolf’s UTry® program. Whether you want to demo golf clubs or golf tech, you can have the newest models sent to you. For 14 days, you can try your products when, where and how you want, starting at $25. If you want to play like Rickie Fowler, demo wedges, demo putters – demo whatever you need to upgrade your golf bag.

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Welcome to GlobalGolf, where you can find the best deals on new golf clubs, preowned golf clubs, golf apparel, golf shoes, golf accessories, golf technology, golf balls, golf bags and more.

Make sure you check out our GlobalGolf Pro Tips blog to learn the best ways to quickly improve your golf game and enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest! Once you see something you like (perhaps through GlobalGolf’s USelect™ recommendation tool), demo the golf club through GlobalGolf’s UTry®, the simplest and safest way to demo golf clubs, starting at $25 each for 14 days.


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