Mastering Your Golf Club Path: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, then you need to learn about the club path. In this video, I’ll give you the ultimate guide to mastering your club path.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to understand the club path in depth and use it to your advantage on the golf course and ultimately lower your scores. We’ll also cover the different club paths, outside in and in side out. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to play at a higher level and achieve your golfing goals!


10 Replies to “Mastering Your Golf Club Path: The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Tom Hester says:

    Really enjoyed your video. I've heard about foot pressure but how the bottom of the spine works is a new one on me. Learn something new everyday! Good day, sir!

  2. Honestly the enthusiasm you have for teaching golf mate is unparalleled. Well done pal

  3. net- zero says:

    Stuart, on your just letting it evolve short of the junior golfer and the way he slings his relaxed arms via hip rotation and an abrupt kind of putting on the brakes to snap the hands at impact. I have been going back and forth on pulling the hands down and slinging the arms down and finding greater distance with the latter. Could you talk about this sometime, as we all are trying to get more distance in our golf swings? Thank you for the video, I have hit my irons quite straight but my attack angle is very slight, hardly taking a divot. I will concentrate on keeping my rear from moving forward. I wonder if a stronger attack angle would help me compress the golf ball more for a better distance? Going back to review your attack angle video, sorry for the lengthy reply.

  4. j1166240 says:

    Great video! The ball on the wall and the forward bend made perfect sense for what you are trying communicate! Through 30 years of struggles, I believe you have convinced me sticking my rear out for balance and to keep my spine angle consistent is key for solid strikes to target. When I saw the push to the right, your lesson hit home! Thank you, Jeff

  5. Ron Mullard says:

    great insight and description….learned more in 14 minutes than in 30+ years…..

  6. Wow, i think for the first time I really understand what I need to do for an inside path. I have struggled to get the club coming from inside consistently and under pressure usually fails. Thanks for the info and the drill!

  7. Dave Hurley says:

    Just brilliant 👍

  8. Sal Loera says:

    I dont know how to add pressure on the handle at impact any feels to help with this

  9. That was a great demo ,,hope Barni is behaving ,,see you soon Graham🎉

  10. Great comprehensive overview. Thank you!👍🏻

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