Mid-Day Live As You Drive! Great conversation! Riders and Drivers Welcome

Drive while you listen-in to five crazy hours of hilarious/entertaining rideshare brotherhood and sisterhood! We drivers came together and did this podcast RIGHT!

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Come in and hang for a bit. Enjoy some commentary and rideshare chat. Always a good time!

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7 Replies to “Mid-Day Live As You Drive! Great conversation! Riders and Drivers Welcome”

  1. I don't know how I found this channel before but I'm grateful the algorithm suggested it to me! Content like this makes me say "I love this guy Jeff man" like real shit. You be keeping it real and just stating true facts. What gravitates me more to your content is because the real stuff that you be saying resonates with me a lot. I'm glad that I found your content because you're constantly teaching all of us something. Thank you for everything you do for us!

  2. Pearlio says:

    You’re turning 50!? You don’t look a day over 35!

  3. SB Rides 805 says:

    What happened to Uber/Lyft Black SUV in Santa Barbara CA? https://youtu.be/vdc65aSZmNs

  4. Short bus motherfuckers . . . versus a business-minded motherfucker.

  5. PAW PALS says:

    Walmart Costco blocking Wi-Fi scared of Amazon bc better prices 😂 ubereats no Tip No Trip yo!

  6. I'm out in Maryland. Would love to connect with others in the area. It's my first time tuning in but a driver for 4 years now.

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