Miles College Golf Builds Great Players Into Greater People

Discipline, trust and teamwork are the fabric of Coach Smoot’s Miles College golf program. Roger Steele visits Alabama to …


6 Replies to “Miles College Golf Builds Great Players Into Greater People”

  1. Coach Smoot is my GUY!!! I am proud of what he is doing at Miles College! Keep up the GREAT WORK my brother!

  2. Morris Gallo says:

    Coach Smoot is the real deal!!!! Built that golf program from the ground up!!!!

  3. un Stopper says:

    Where id the diversity and equity?

  4. Andres Kim says:

    So glad for the great work y'all do. Wish I would have gotten into golf during school but it was just so different. Thank you for putting your heart in your work because we can tell these are stories that need to be told.

  5. p frazier says:

    Incredible!! I love this Coach Smoot.

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