Ripley’s New Crazy Golf in Myrtle Beach. 2023 Indoor fun. What to do when it’s Raining at the beach.

We play the course and show you all the best holes. And have fun doing it. Here’s a place to go when it’s too cold, too hot, or on a rainy day. This is a fun place for the entire family. Get ready to have some indoor fun at the beach.
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11 Replies to “Ripley’s New Crazy Golf in Myrtle Beach. 2023 Indoor fun. What to do when it’s Raining at the beach.”

  1. ⛳ Good for a rainy day!

  2. Donald J. says:

    Looks like a fun place, great video

  3. Lynne Taylor says:

    That looks like fun

  4. Funny you showed this video tonight because my daughter and her family are headed there in the morning for gay dolphin visit the arcade lunch then crazy golf at Ripleys and peaches corner for ice cream. This was dad's idea for a fun morning and lunch time. Love your videos. Don't give up youtube for a a crazy golf career lol. Larry

  5. Beach Bum says:

    I’m not big on mini-golf but if it’s indoors I’ll play, this place might be a “go” for me

  6. What no bar ? That's a must in a place like that.😂😂I'm guessing drinks before playing ? 😂😂

  7. KRMIE says:

    An updates on Pirateland? Is there an indoor pool? Hope to meet you two at Pirateland some time here in August when we vacation at Myrtle Beach. It is our favorite place.

  8. Doug Burket says:

    Looks like a great time great video

  9. olektrims says:

    That rope was screaaaaminnnn

  10. Raining 🌧 ☔️ ⛈️ in Myrtle Beach SC , say it ain't so ! 😅😅
    I do enjoy put – put mini golf ⛳️ 😎

  11. Fun video! Me and lovely wife will be back around there in September. Keep on beachin!

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