Miles of MAGNIFICANT Hawaiian Golf Bliss

Hawaii golf never ceases to amaze, even for the locals. Kalena Preus, TJ Kua and Blaze Akana show us what playing in paradise is all about from their perspective, presented by OluKai. After the round, the trio tell us what the ‘Aloha Spirit’ means to them. It’s a beautiful thing.

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13 Replies to “Miles of MAGNIFICANT Hawaiian Golf Bliss”

  1. In Cog Nito says:

    I’ve been a Maui resident for over 45 years.
    Hawaii may be a US state, I’ve always considered it a country of it’s own.
    No comparison to ‘the mainland’.

  2. FLueNT_XII says:

    I need to visit again and play around.

  3. Born and Raised in Waianae (westside Oahu), this represents just a sliver of what Hawai'i is. Hawai'i is beyond the touristy images that people see on TV or in Movies. Aloha comes from the heart. Sometimes unexplainable. Nothing materialistic attached, but just a sense of giving and respect not just to one another but also our surroundings/ environment. Hawaii has limited and finite resources and Hawaiians Malama Pono (take care) the aina (land) that provides them sustinance. It is harmonius. I am currently living in San Francisco and I see the difference. When i do go back home, I do reset myself and admire the respect that we locals have for each other. I notice the vivid colors and fragrance of Hawai'i. I hope to return in a few years and expect the same warmth of Aloha. Please when visiting, take care our precious land, respect Hawai'i, so that it continues to spread the Aloha around the world. A Hui Hou, Malama Pono.

  4. DK Outside says:

    It's not too late to edit the title! MagnificEnt* with an E!

  5. Rob S says:

    These guys couldn’t sound more relaxed.

  6. Hula Rock says:


  7. Shmoooooogle says:

    Played that course a few months ago. It will absolutely EAT your balls. Go pick up a few packs before you show up to the course cause I’m sure they make more money on balls a year than their $250 green fees.

  8. My home course Royal Hawaiian😂🤙🏾🤙🏾

  9. rsjrDK says:

    Kalena is Micah Morris Long Lost Hawaiian twin brother

  10. Kenny Borycz says:

    Super cool! Did they say the course name?

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