MLB Picks & Predictions Thursday 7/20/23

MLB Picks & Predictions Thursday 7/20/23

0:00 INTRO
7:25 Diamondbacks/Braves
12:40 Giants/Reds
16:30 Brewers/Phillies
20:20 Padres/Blue Jays
23:58 White Sox/Mets
31:42 Tigers/Royals
35:40 Twins/Mariners
41:32 Orioles/Rays
52:08 Cardinals/Cubs
57:03 Astros/A’s
59:25 Parlays

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Mitch Wilson, Chris Ruffolo and Jay Briggs look at today’s MLB Schedule.

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7 Replies to “MLB Picks & Predictions Thursday 7/20/23”

  1. Mets suck. I don't get it. Why did Buck leave Smith in the game to pitch after he loaded up the bases and got no one out? There is absolutely no way in HeII that I would have left him in the game to pitch, seeing that he didn't have his stuff together. Then, the next batter up knocks in two runs, and Showalter still leaves Smith in the game to pitch. "Take him out Buck…take him out." "Nope, I'm going to leave him in there so that he can give up two more runs." What is wrong with this Mets manager? I know that MLB is rigged up, but damn, at least try to make it look not too obvious. I just feel sorry for folks that bet that the Mets would overcome a two nothing deficit and would win the game. It's called the old bait and switch. In this day and age, you got to remember, when they tell you that the odds are good, that's when you don't bet or bet on the other team. The big question is, why am I the only one sounding the alarm? Everyone just seems to be so complacent. And lastly, Showalter has got to start keeping it real in those post game interviews. He knows that his guys do not have it together. He needs to let them know it, instead of shining their azzes.

  2. it is certain bahahaha

  3. focused1 says:

    The A's pitcher is a warmup tool. Astros will take him deep early and often. A's pitcher should be on assignment.

  4. And like i said the reds are hot

  5. I was watching the live show that day when Ruffalo took a pass on the Hawaiian bowl and Mitch was HILARIOUS when Ruffalo said that! So every time it’s brought up in a show I laugh bc it was so funny that day. Mitch was like are you serious right now!? Hahaha

  6. DAWG NATION says:

    The best team of cappers in the nation just getting resdy for football 🔥 lfgooo EAGLES

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